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Beanie 2d
broken girl, pick yourself up.
wipe those tears off your chin,
and spit into the dust.

dig in your heels,
give ‘em that glare
you know works so well.

plant your feet,
refuse to move for anyone in your way.
you aren’t to be messed with.

broken girl, show ‘em what you’re made of-
blood, sweat, and tears,
real and solid.

you’re gonna be here for centuries
with an attitude like that,
so gear up, girl, get going.

you ain’t so broken now,
bared teeth and clenched fists,
you’re swinging for those who hurt you.

don’t raise a hand to the helpless, girl,
extend one instead,
you were there once.

lift yourself up high,
but don’t forget your roots,
you’ve got more power than you think.
You stare at me
Like a deer
I am attracted it your blinding light
I stare into your promise of death
And I welcome it
I see death
But it is covered by beauty
Your light beckons me
Shows me promise
That while I may die
At least for the first time
I wouldn’t be surprised
Sumariu 2d
She's such a beautiful woman with milk chocolate skin and beautiful dark eyes with cottony brown hair.

I'm stopped dead in my tracks to get one glance at the beautiful woman over there.

To compare her to something earthly is all too cliché, no she is indeed godly I have no words to describe what has frozen my feet.

Fourth-dimensional unconventional untapped words can't describe what she does I swear is, unintentional...

Yet, here I am looking from afar like a creep, stopped dead in my tracks in the middle of the street... Trying to come up with with the right adjectives to describe what I see... I can't think because of the backed up traffic screaming at me:

"hey you! get out of the street".
"Oops sorry".
Let me get my silly self out the street.

                                             ­    @sumariupoetry
A woman beauty can cause the whole world to stop moving.
Matthew 3d
Fly away
little butterfly
your wings
are moving
away from
my reach
farther than
I see
A two word per line poem collab with
I Nancy kissed between the legs,
And what I saw did take my heart.
I did not want so soon depart
From such a gorgeous form.
So I appeased desire
By kissing there so many over,
And when I drank my pleasure,
Yes, only then I came to cease.
I know of lips red roses
And hands that put cotton to shame.
I know of pretty poses
And faces gorgeous more than spring.
I know of female beauty.
very subtle,
the morning allows these past 8 hours to be welcomed with sunshine, precious sunshine,
dose thou not inhale it’s own magnificence,
the radiance of your glow,
to the warmth of your waves,
you are home,
in so many ways. .
I am stuck and forgotten in the past.
I wasn’t planning to rot in this ****.
Still here and all this time has passed.

Time goes by quite fast.
Forever behind the bars of this cell…
I am stuck and forgotten in the past.

I have deprived myself of my sins at last…
But through a trapdoor of the past I fell.
Still here and all this time has passed.

My ******* deeds molested, and harassed
Me, but I’m not trying to dwell.
I am stuck and forgotten in the past.

And now I am done this villanelle at last.
I try to call out but the walls block my yell.
I am stuck and forgotten in the past.
Still here and all this time has passed.
I was not sure if I should post this poem here or not... lol...
MJL 3d
Milling masses
Elbows grinding
Sidewalk shuffling
Wake walking
***** jumping
Necks craning
Sharks, bait, and corral reefing
Hunting, hiding, gauking
Go, go, go
Foamy human froth
Eddies to and back again
Twill, tweed, leather, denim, skin
Petrol, perfume, sweat, tar, bread
Everything honking
Glass, brick, stone, and steel
Awesome color
Vertical sway Samba style
Boom-boom tide
Rush hour
Rolling in
there is nothing more perfect
than the freckles on your nose,
and the way they scatter like raindrops
on your cheeks.

they remind me of a sky
with new fallen snowflakes,
each one different
in size and shape.

i know how much you hate them,
you say they're distracting,
or decorate your face wrongly.

maliciously, you cover them,
peach-colored paint dries
the bridge of your nose cracks,
and a piece of you fades with it.

summer comes and the paint melts off,
the facade with it,
and once again the sun can paint
drops of caramel on your skin.
Happy Valentine's Day! This one is made for my cousin who is so fortunate to have the most beautiful freckles but she hates them. I always wished I had freckles, they seem so cute and girly, but I never got them to her extent. And so this is a love poem for my cousin but also her freckles.
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