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S'e kisha njoft veten
Po sdi pse quditna kur s'e njoh hala
Cdo dite e njoftoj veten me veten
Kom pritje edhe e paragjykoj is ni

By Rreze Hoxha
Albanian poem
narfffff say the kitties,
arffff say the doggies.

blah blah bah say the hummies,
but we Hippos care not to say a single word and eat!

We simply like to belch!
Told them with a smile I will join them,
As I laughed among the elderly crowds watching a comedian.

I will accept the wishes if they gave me little more time,
As I smiled at the river looking at the school of fish pass by.

Give me few more minutes to cherish my loved ones,
As I let death take my hand to the other side.
Parched by the absent of your kindred spirit,
And all I want is to embrace your essence.

In the moment of our distance,
I would shut my surrounding to open my ears to your wind.

I would like to feel the passionate red,
And remove all the grey that stands between us.

When I hunger for your presence,
It lightens me to know I will see you again.
Cloud to thunder created oasis bloom,
as the dune scattered by the wind.

While we are faced with the same finale,
liquid resonate with all of creations.

For age and strive are stilled by progression of time,
everything in life is but a full circle of beginning and the end.

It is this dark cloud that perpetuate the rain,
and rained formed ponds or lakes cradled the life.

As we know from science that life started from liquid,
and all things shall end with ashes to ashes travelled by the winds.
I think it is interesting how religion points we have the element of Earth, wind, fire and water. It is also interesting to note scientifically speaking those element are also the elements that creates life forms
Fire flies are in the air,
Like nature lights with it's flare.

As if fire dissipate embers in the air,
Tranced by short blazing from the stare.

Reflection of Mother Nature's care,
And mystical fire flies soft glare.

These are the nights I shall share,
If you are so inclined by my dare.

You can be my equal pair,
And I'll share with you these flying embers in the nightly breeze air.
I would share this view with you the mother nature's night lights in the air.
Upon the fragrance of the rose garden,
The presence of beauty linger like a perfume.

As if stepped into your personal space,
And announce my desired to be with you.

Like thunder roar an earth quake upon the atmosphere,
While stirred and trembled upon the heart beat as it echoed.

It's like a unravelling story chained by one to another,
And it leads you to a narrative of closed petals to blossom flower.

One emotions invoke by another canvas,
But always in the story of our first kiss.

This garden lead the path to you,
And chain me to past road where we met eye to an eye.

Garden to a forest, then forest to a our original meeting place.
I am reminded by the world you and I are one,
And I'm lucky that you are mine.
Life is like a fairytale, and one event is like flipping a page leading me to you.
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