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Triscuit Jun 4
No matter what I do
I cannot define you
Your delicate features
The way you express yourself
The things I love
And the things I loathe
You are simply you
I cannot define you
I think about you more than I care to admit.
Triscuit May 31
I lay dormant
Subdued but in whole
I manage my being in stasis
At peace, I am cradled by the light
The long and gentle fingers nestled into the ether
A lengthy slumber is ahead of me
What comfort may it bring?
Triscuit Oct 2020
I want you to transcend me. I'm unhinged and my breath is bated.
Come in for the **** and end me, the trepidation is like condensation. The release you provide is enough to drive me crazy. I can't help but think about it. It's an addiction now, but I'm not trying to fight it. Pull me in closer.
Triscuit Jul 2020
Sometimes I feel like a stone caught between tides
I crave to be smoothed beautifully by life
Sometimes I am knicked
Sometimes I'm pulled too far beneath
But I will always find my way back to the shoreline.
I will glisten in the sun, and ride the waves
Where the water takes me next, I will never know.
But I am not aimless, or without purpose
I'm eternal, even in death
My memory etched in every wave, every grain of sand.
I am a rock you see.
I'm always exactly where I need to be.
Triscuit May 2019
We collect words throughout our lives
We share profound thoughts and insignificant snippets
But will they know you when you die?
Will your words still resonate?
Will your thoughts dissolve into the wind?
Or will you forever be interred on a wall, your script timeless in it's verse?
Will they know you when you die?
Just a thought.
Triscuit Oct 2018
Today was warm, I felt a little bit livelier.
Challenges never cease to erupt from the cracks in the sidewalk like brazen dandelions, the sun a relief after unyielding darkness.
I see a lot of roadblocks, they make me anxious.
The taste of defeat is not foreign, but the saccharine glow of success washes the horizon; set ablaze with ambition.
I want to be better, almost perhaps somebody else.
Today was warm, I felt a little bit happier.
Introversion breeds inward ideas.
Triscuit Oct 2018
I haven't smiled with a glimmering passion since then.
The salt water wasn't as pure, but the heat filled my heart.
You weren't so far away, yet you were still many states.
I sigh with incomprehension, I've forgotten my lease and there's so much to do, yet nothing new to see.
I hope I make it in the blistering cold, as I miss who I was but this is who I'll be.
It's time for change, I hope we meet again some day.
When I reach a fervor with the mildest degree of sincerity, I'll be like I was back then.
Moving has been a big toll, emotionally and mentally. I miss greatly the life I had previously. I hope to go back someday and relive the same glory.
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