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Àŧùl Mar 2017
The Ashkenazi Jew are beautiful people,
The **** were just repulsively anti-Jew...
So many Ashkenazi were slaughtered,
The shameless Nazis are to be blamed..
Concentration camps had gas chambers,
Gassing the Ashkenazi to painful death.
Ways of the Devil belittled by the ****!
My HP Poem #1456
©Atul Kaushal
Martin Bailes Feb 2017
48 Jewish Community
Centers in 26 states
received nearly 60
bomb threats in
January 2017
"It's horrible and
it has to stop."
he finally said,
about a week
after he was first
asked about it
and replied,
"It's not a fair question."

What is a fair question Trump?
Your answer to whether
you'd condemn the KKK,
"I don't know anything
about David Duke, Ok?"
followed by ...
"I don't know anything
about white supremacy"
really Trump,
is that so?

Yet you read their twitter
feeds & pass-on their
statistics & such from
the likes of JewAmerica
& White Genocide.

Too of course there's
Breitbart News,
'Deport All Muslims'
& 'Hoist it High & Proud,
the Confederate flag'
that Breitbart News,
Breitbart News.

& "Hail Trump, Hail Victory."
came the call that day,
from the cream of
the supremacist
crop that you nodded
at, whistled so softly
to, courted really,
truth be told.
"One of my favourite
daughters is Jewish."
She is.

So I love
those Jews,
I really, really do.
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