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Ofelia Apr 8
Walking through night and day with thoughts that keeps me away.
Slowly forgetting myself while keeping it real for everybody else.
A party or two, does it matter? if at the end I'll end up chatting with the moon.
I'll be solo-ing life for eternity since it is my speciality...

Why open up when you can bottle up.
Ofelia Apr 8
You're divine for my mind. A touch that I miss, I see myself wishing for a kiss. You're a delicacy, one that has set me free and locked me in. You've locked me in a state of pure bliss.
Ofelia Jan 30
The moon is my goddess,
her beams lights my path.
In this religion, enlightenment is not a process
but a forever state of mind to have.

The forest will be my church,
roots will be my holy text.
I want trees instead of gravestones
and the wind will listen as I confess.

I will taste the moonlight,
will become one with the goddess.
Since heaven isn't on earth,
and I must have access.
Ofelia Jan 9
Some flowers for you
To make you bloom,
Bring you peace,
Make you think of me.
Let it be serenity.
A garden where you can be free,
Grow with love,
Sprinkled by joy.
Let it be nirvana.
A place where there's no trauma,
To concentrate on the good,
Where feelings can be savoured.
Think of my flowers
When times are hard.
They're strong and prospered
Just like your heart.
Ofelia Jan 9
Clear blue sky
Soulful eyes
No more cries
Tears like ice
Ofelia Jan 9
Into an abyss,
I am sliding.
Through dark,
I am falling...

I have always been scared of heights
The thought of falling gave me frights
Yet I have fallen for you..
Despise all I knew.

Naively, I thought you liked me,
Though it seems we weren't meant to be.
You gave me butterflies and a head spin.
But in the end, this love has grown thin.

All I have left is this pain
And a hole in my chest that I hide.
Your bitter memory remain,
For it, too much I have cried.

I have always been afraid of heights
The thought of falling gave me frights.
But I'd rather fall in the blue,
Then fall again for you.
Ofelia Jan 8
I am deeply troubled by the thought of you,
There are feelings floating to me that I've never even knew
That existed before our meeting.

I'm trying to compose myself but you've made breathing
Quite an hard activity for my body.

Since it is not asking for air, but for your touch.

And I'm left with this envy,
This desire to know more of you and your thoughts.

This desire to impregnate myself of your presence,
But I can't bottle it up and keep it with me like an essence.

Essential oils are ridiculous next to you,
You've made my mind numb in a good way and new.

Still I'm troubled by you,
Since I've never known anyone willing
to love a soul so blue...

Mine is deep like midnight with subtle hues.

You may not notice them but there are scars,
Some are deep and ****, going far
Into my soul, some are not too shallow,
What's left of them is merely a shadow.

So see my surprise when you said you loved me,
Loved this mess that is me, filled with anxiety!

Am I allowed to be scared?
Of this new life opening before me?
Will you keep me stress-free?

Cause you work better than essential oil on me, that's for sure.
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