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Nyakisa Beth May 2020
In the beginning it's all a dream
A dream where all of us are numbers
Number one
Number two
Number three

But then all of a sudden the arithmetic
Comes in, numbers that were "equal" now become "more equal"
Greater than comes in lesser than  comes in ,the equality that was unity yesterday becomes a boundary between the numbers.

Moreso the unknowns on the other side of the equal sign.
Some are on left, some are on right.
far from over on the other side of the equal signs there is (x) and (y) all unknown to the other side of the equal signs
Oh no some numbers become determinant(s)of (x)(y)
The slash sign of Power  separates the numerator and denominator  

Mockery at it's peak ;the equal signs are replaced by greater than or less than.
As if that is not enough
In the second method improper fractions emerge as former numbers become decimals
Graphs of anarchy, imperialism, dictatorship and religious annihilation scatter across the x~axis of humanity and y~axis of ideology

Third method
Proud Rounding up/off begins
Continental Arch's mark the trajectory of division along lines
Shapes of character finally emerge
Assume the value of (x) is that "all this is a dream"
Syntax error; this is no dream

This is reality and remains relevant today
Pure maths is yours dear mathematician!
This cry of anguish is rooted to the cat rat relation with my mathematics teachers ;even when mathematics wasn't my cup of tea it still delivers the painful truth we all know and continues to remain relevant in a modern society that boasts of equality and democracy
Nyakisa Beth May 2020
Her smile was the rare alphabet that composed the words.
Words that made sentences
Sentences that begot paragraphs
Paragraphs that turned into pages
Pages that turned into chapters
Chapters that turned into books
Books that told my story.
My story that unleashed her into my heart and unveiled my century long love mines

My reaction to her smile was the punctuation that changed the meaning of every letter,word, sentence,paragraph, page, chapter, book and ultimately my story.
That was far from over ,she changed my world.

It was not just a smile but the mark of the finest exploration expedition ever known to my circles.
Her smile was the build behind the words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters, the book and ultimately the story that sent me flying.

Far from over,it was not just a flight but a first class flight of passion, affection, belonging, attachment and confidence that saw me smile with a smile that moved the mountains and shook the valleys of my understanding.
She was the element 115 that changed the alchemy, geography, radiology physics .she changed my approach to the theory of everything.

The beautiful soul behind the rare smile that changed everything lays hidden behind the alphabetic curtain of five letters

Behold AMIGO
Not just a word but a monument
Love changes and teaches
Nyakisa Beth May 2020
the fairer *** she is
she is the cradle of humanity
she gives life and its entity
she gives meaning to beauty
graced and enthroned with integrity
she is but nobly planned to comfort
for the very life she gives she is the epitome
nobly planned to command she is "madam"
being a mother has love to the very quantum
she graces us with innocence
she graces us with her benevolence
she cares about our future with prudence
she calmly appreciates our skills with silence
to human life she is the smith
her integrity to the nation is strength
our first days of life in her  warmth
to our gone men and brothers she is seth
agent of national transformation with home setting
all our livelihood in her making
at the mother's knees education is leading
humans to what is good and a good ending
she  gives me command
she is a hero and a legend
Dedication to my mother and  the girls that will be mothers of our nation one day
Nyakisa Beth Mar 2020
At the helm they are
Behind the rules they lay like weevils
Boasting with interim authority
As they slowly devour us like caterpillars
with no mercy or meagre dignity
It is their prime cause
It is even appealing
Worry no more for they are righteous
Nyakisa Beth Mar 2020
Slowly rocking with tension
positivty plunging
our hopes shattering
fear and tension escalating
all at the hands of unforgiving time
invisible fate is cruel.

Ours is a struggling age
For our arms are folded
We have no say for our
rights have seized to matter
Eminent end to our futile efforts
Has finally arrived
mystery of life
Nyakisa Beth Mar 2020
Im not a traitor
My character is no where near  that description
Am not a renegade
That description is not worth my character
Am not a hypocrite
That description is not worth my character
Am not a coward
My life is heavier than dutch courage
Am not guilty
My innocence is questionable
For death only seeks life
To fly away with
For it can fly away with yours!
Call me any thing but spare my life!
Nyakisa Beth Mar 2020
Among the finest he ,
Mighty he was
He had endurance,
meek in character,
sovereignty for us
he toiled
shrewd at the salutes
Junior ,senior;
Routine he maintained
Firing guns, hurling
grenades, he matched
hundreds of miles
raging battles and wars
That spanned years.

At the apex of his
Youth hood he suffered,
he suffered,  he suffered,
A painful blow; a blow
*** *** *** ***
he dealt a painful blow
at the hands of a beautiful
woman; beautiful woman!

All the  vigorous and
draining training he had
In his prime youth hood,
was trashed, tramped,
All his experience, hard work,
determination and shining
accolades disappeared.
Disappeared never to be
seen again!!

Like a fool and his money
he was soon parted with
His hard earned experience
more so with his dear life
The once strong arms were
Now frail, the once commanding
Voice was now a pleading one

His bright, wonderful and
envied experience, the
vigor of his prime youth,
the unmatched accolades,
the years he served in the
forces and the innocence
The smile of comrade ship
smoke of "rex" and" dunhill"
at the quarter guard.

Were now a story;
On a sad note a story to tell
To tell the young generation
About the invisible deadly killer
All his years were in vain
All he was left with was
Nostalgic memories about all
He once had. Our nation
Lost. Our nation lost a son
Our nation lost a brother,Our
nation lost a father.
a painful tale of a gun man
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