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Frannie Feb 2021
Dear Morgan,

Hey Tink, I just want to be able to give you the world. I want to give you all of the opportunities I was never given. I want to hold you in my arms and protect you forever. I just want to see you smile every time I am in your presence. You, my dear are chosen, you are destined to be great. You will go on yo do incredible things, we just have to be strong and have patience. You are filled with such curiosity, creativity and compassion. My life before you was pretty simple, but life without you, I couldn’t imagine. I wish I could solve all of your problems before life throws them your way. But *** is impossible to avoid life’s obstacles so be sure to paint many rainbows for times when your skies are grey. Life is a balance of both good and bad and I witness this every day. I promise to always listen to you, even when I can’t take your pain away.


          P.S. Be Brave, Be Fearless, Take Risk
Frannie Feb 2021
From the moment I first heard your heart beat, I knew my life would be forever changed!

From the moment I felt your little flutters, I knew that our connection had been perfectly arranged!

The first time I held you in my arms I felt a love like never before.

The first time my eyes connected with yours I knew that my heart had been chanced at the core.

You have shared my life in many ways that I would have never imagined.

You have helped me to refocus my hopes and dreams by helping me find my passion.

From the start, I was a frightened young girl just waiting to conquer the world.

But you have taught me how to be brave and how to take on the world unfurled.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that God trusted me with someone so precious and pure.

But with my life, I promise to love you, nurture you and keep you secure.
Frannie Jan 2021
Acknowledge the hurt,
Identify how you feel,
Wipe the slate clean,
Establish boundaries,
Commit to forgive.
Frannie Jan 2021
The act of forgiving starts in the mind, it eases the heart , addressing the pain and ignites a fresh start.

Forgiveness is for you, it’s not for the forgiven, it’s your heart that’s  been damaged, torn apart and riven.

When you choose to forgive, you  make a choice to move forward. You took a stance to release those feelings that once had you cornered.

Forgiveness takes work, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes action and strength, it takes grit and might.
Frannie Dec 2020
They say you should fear what you can’t see, but I believe you should have faith.

Faith gives you something to dream of, to hope for, to believe in.
Faith with sight gives you much room to doubt, but faith without seeing gives you a glimmer of light.

Seeing is believing but sometimes we just need to trust, for seeing with our eyes can sometimes lead to lust. Keep sight of your dreams, your hopes and your beliefs. For faith can offer much rest, much aide and relief.
Hope gives you courage, strength and delight. Hope can keep you warm on the coldest of nights. To know that one day your hopes will come true! Hope can turn the darkest grey skies into blue.

Be merciful and gracious for you never know the day, when you’ll need to rely on your faith, your hope and your grace.
Frannie Dec 2020
When I’m alone I dream, a dream of me and you. A dreamers dream where even your wildest dreams can come true! A dream where all is love and love is all we dream. A dream where all is real and nothing is unseen. A dream where I am yours and is two are we and everything is what it seems. A dream where we are one and we are love and we are all we dream!
Frannie Dec 2020
Two eyes in the mirror, looking back at me,
Forcing me to peer beyond what the eyes refuses to see.

Begging me to acknowledge what I’ve tried so hard to hide,
So it’s times to be brave and address the little girl inside.

It’s okay to be afraid, I know what you’re going through,
You don’t have to feel alone, I’ll take this journey with you.

I’m sorry for all the neglected cries you have tried to express,
I’m sorry for all the times I’ve ignored you, thinking that I know what’s best.

Forgive me for all the times when I’ve avoided you,
It’s just that acknowledging you is something I’ve tried hard not to do.

Forgive me for all the times I’ve refused to hold your hand,
I’m sorry for all the times I’ve left you sinking in quick sand.

You deserve to be loved and yet I just left you alone,
Please forgive me for abandoning you to survive on your own.

Forgive me for not showing you how to demand what you are worth,
I should have taught you about your value, you’ve been a queen since birth.
Frannie Dec 2020
You are loved
You are worthy
You deserve more
You’re are not to blame
You can do it
You are important
You are beautiful
You make a difference
You are valued
You matter
You are resilient
You are enough
Frannie Dec 2020
Frannie Dec 2020
You light up my cloudiest days and my darkest nights
My evening star, you shine so bright.

You warm up my coldest mornings and the windiest days. You make my fears go away.

You fill up my heart with love, laughter and light. You make my soul soar, let’s take flight.
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