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basil Jun 2020
black heart
making paper mache knives
sitting on pottery thrones
cause we're the reigning water
falling from the
quilted sky
feeling... artificial.

A spider
A single insect
To drive my country apart
I feel nothing but the need for the flames
The blaze of banishment into the bright abyss
Oh so silent,
So peaceful is the world without you near
A dance filled with both cheer and a tear
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
I need her to know,
She's the only one ruling over my heart;
As always, she'll be the
only one.
myrrh Aug 2014
The Pain Is Seeping In
The Tears Are Pouring Out

I'm Slowly Giving In
Without Giving A Fight Out

Feeling Lonely, Staying In
Losing Friends, Ruling Them Out

Im Trapped In My Own Hate, Deep Within
Trapped...With No Way out

— The End —