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Daniel Manns Apr 16
There is a thing I did today,
I did it all day long,
I did the thing with friends
I did this thing alone
But then I sat and wondered
“Where has it gone?”

I asked my mom, I asked my dad,
I even asked the dog!
I looked to up, I asked my friend,
And there it was, I’d found it!
The search was fun but now its done
Where’d it go, I’d lost it!

I did my work in sudden gloom
Just pure agitation!
I couldn't catch it, or contain it
It made me so upset!

But then my brother came to see me
And all the gloom was gone
He asked for me to help him,
With a project that he had

And as I helped him all that day
It dawned inside my head
It’s not what you do, it’s who you're with,
That makes it all the fun

Where I looked, I found it there
Fun is all around!
Around inside, and under the sky,
Even in my neighborhood!

We went to town in search of a store
To buy all the products I adore
But while I was there I saw something new!
I had to try it or I’d be blue!

And now I have it in my hand,
Ready to experience it with a friend,
Way more fun it is with you
Then all alone until the end

Stuck at home I lay in bed,
Thinking of the world
The thoughts were sad and full of doom
But then I remembered,
there was that thing I did today
That thing that made me smile
And with this thought, I lay in bed
My eyelids slowly closing.
Written during the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak, as an assignment for online school
Daniel Manns Apr 15
Sitting in my house,
Stuck inside, can't play outside
Trapped by a virus
But in the midst, I see Mom
And remember why were fine
written as an english assignment
Daniel Manns Apr 15
I the pen chucked in a can
Lay here in anguish the best I can
Usually kept by a business man
I ran dry of ink when snapped in the hand
Written as part of an essay, mostly as a joke

— The End —