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AditiBoo Sep 19
Take me as I am - with my ambitions
And moments of unprovoked passions
With my thirst for knowledge
And entitlement to privilege
With my constant self-doubt
And subtle confident pout

Do not ask me to re-direct
There is nothing of myself I will review or correct
Do not ask of me a change of heart
Nor to allow a stranger to claim my part
Take me as I am - with my stubbornness
And moments of empathy and kindness

I saw an extraordinary man
Scared to face his time with death
Fight that possibility with only his breath
As inhaled hungrily so he could live again
Against all hope and faith
He lived again from his own wraith

He became weak, childlike and mad
He kicked and fought but refused to be had
In lucidity he told us of his fear
In madness, he shared with us what he held dear

He trembled over his own lifeline
Clinging to the possibility of an incline
He taught me that hope lived on
Even when a body seemed to have moved on

He showed me that strength, in its purest form, existed in vulnerability
That courage at its rawest, was the epitome of  your own incapability
Conquer both and you become invincible
Embrace both and you are indestructible

It was a journey, a ritual, a rite of passage
The autobiography of sheer will and grit
The story of a man of extraordinary courage
An inspiration that triggered me to commit

Stand true to myself and live genuinely
Rise against the odds with dignity
See past unfathomable challenges
Knowing that reward lies in the forehead’s sweat that life scavenges
AditiBoo Aug 23
I'm a multi-coloured splatter of foam
I'm multi-dimensional and shapeless in my own skin
Unable to be contained in a mould

Spreading myself vast and thin
Condensing into myself out of my comfort zone
Never still or in the same place, free to roam

I'm the sprinkle from the air brush
Pieces of something once whole
Rushing in every open direction

Wherever I go, there are traces of me
A scent, a mark, a lingering feeling
Quick to grasp your attention, if only for a second

I float around an open room
Lighter than hydrogen in its simplest form
I'm the remnants of a cloudy dream

A warm fuzzy sensation
Whose purpose is quickly forgotten
Whose face is hardly remembered

I exist because you choose it so
Disappear with the flicker of your eyes
A fun bundle of comfort summoned at your ease

I'm a multi-coloured splatter of foam
I'm multi-dimensional and shapeless in my own skin
Unable to be contained in a mould
AditiBoo Aug 23
Well... how inconvenient is it
That apparently I seem to give a ****
As you steal my attention bit by bit

There was a moment where we made a pause
Found solace in arms of others who we chose
Lost interest as they all became a lost cause we are again
Trying not to get kicked out of heaven
Unsure whether our souls have gone to Satan

You are my illogical reason  
The ubiquitous companion
The unattainable destination

It's the final point of a tennis match
A back and forth for all to watch
The airborne baseball we're both trying to catch

It's the question you refuse to answer
The commitment we avoid forever
A fear that divides us to conquer

Slowly but surely it corrodes my heart
Overplays in my mind and tears me apart
Blurs my principles and bringing me back to restart

It exhausts me to love what I am bound to lose
To be defined by what I no longer choose
To be overwhelmed by so many cryptic clues

So time reminds me that I have to love me
Since you only make me temporarily happy
As you keep disappearing so consistently
AditiBoo Aug 23
A dream crashes into you
Taking over your foresight
Blurring what you believed to be true
Erasing the memory of any hindsight

Hope creeps up on you
At that moment you least expect
In those toughest times, getting you through
Without a comment, determination resurrect

An idea hovers around for a while
Hoping to be validated by those around
Timid and trying not to cramp your style
Marinating in a corner until it is found

A though lingers in an empty space
Freely flowing back and forth
Ubiquitous but not in your face
Owning itself and knowing its north

So which are you?
Alone in front of the mirror
Surrounded by your own crew
Musing away in your corner?
AditiBoo Aug 23
He makes me feel uncomfortable
He's slowly crouching into my boundaries
With pick up lines beyond insufferable
Yet not picking up on my blatant unease

He's coming onto me
Like an intentional hit and run
So off-target it felt like a conspiracy
Unnervingly annoying and unwelcome

I said no thank you, once, twice, thrice
Letting him down and wanting to be nice
And the deluded charm turns to spite
Venom foaming at the mouth, ready for a fight

A casual rejection goes unnoticed
As this factual objection becomes the psychosis
Because 'no' is translated to 'try harder'
And 'no' twice just spells out a pathetic disaster

'No' three times...and then is revealed the monster
Unable to fathom the dissidence of feelings
Unwilling to dignify the negative response with honour
Switching gears to now action provocative dealings

An insult here and there
A snide remark launched without a care
Spreading dark rumours to hungry ears
Lapping it all up, slathering those smears

So saying 'no' is not an absolute choice
It drags behind it echoes of the spiteful's voice
Turns you into a wanton fool
Turned crazy for keeping her cool

And those standing next to the ****-shamer
Are mainly those sharing my own gender
Happily bringing down theirs sisters in arms
Approving the consequence of a choice to be self-harm
AditiBoo Aug 23
If life were a monotonous routine
Evolution would’ve been our own desecration
Man would’ve remained a tiresome race unseen
Clocking in and out as an underwhelming creation

Friend - embrace a little change
Those hard decisions slightly out of your range
Hear the flurry of excitement within your soul
Waking up, finally seeing its purpose and goal

Your past lays down a history of heartbreak
Betrayals, lost opportunities and regret spelling out ‘mistake’
But nothing is the same as then...least of all you
Despite the disappointment, your wisdom grew

A tougher exterior and a dogged caution
Hopeful eyes betraying your controlled passion
Willing itself to a simmer, yearning to be an eruption
To show one and all you are uninhibited - if it were for a moment’s inattention

But friend, you fear openness
For the judgment it brings with its unguardedness
For the loose tongues who self righteously dictate
What it means to be proper and moderate

You become a bystander in life’s dance of fools
Where sincerity is the rhythm to candour’s sweet melody
And, in doing so, you are a tradesman of life without the tools
Selling a product you barely know and turn yourself into a parody
AditiBoo Aug 23
When a choice cannot be made
And the best option is to avoid and ignore
The world conspires for the path to be laid
So that an imposition births from what is no more

Signs at the crossroads with time fade
So the guidance once there becomes a matter of interpretation
Foundations of any sound structure are bound to degrade
Leaving past conviction to become
a shadow of its confusion

To the undecided...a choice is a chance
A leap of faith, a say in the path to be travelled
Options bounce around, executing fear’s dance
But life’s Russian roulette is the courage of the reckless compelled
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