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Dec 2015 · 1.1k
euphoria Dec 2015
what did we do?
where did we go wrong?
god, why did you let me throw it all away?
why didn't you stop me before it was too late?

why didn't i realize i was a fool before i lost the one thing that actually mattered? why didn't i stop and try to figure out how to love myself before trying to love someone else? why didn't i stop in the midst of the passion to ask myself what kind of person i was? why didn't i realize what this was doing to her before it was too late?

but she's gone now and i've lost the one thing that can't be bought. i've lost the one thing that can't be sold, that can't be found in the supermarket.

i've lost my spirit. she has it now and i'm not sure i want it back. because a spirit lost is a spirit changed and skewed and i'm scared to look at my naked spirit again. i'm scared of what i'll find, missing and scattered, tattered and torn amist this jar of hearts.

i've caught a cold from the ice inside my spirit and she's gone. she doesn't want me anymore. she doesn't even want my spirit but she doesn't have a choice, does she? once heartbroken, always heartbroken and the one who broke a spirit can't fix it, or so the story goes.
Aug 2015 · 3.7k
you changed everything
euphoria Aug 2015
i used to believe them
when they told me

nothing lasts forever

but then i met you
and that's all it took

to change everything
Aug 2015 · 1.6k
euphoria Aug 2015
if you were to leave me in a storm,
i'd run after you because
no one runs away from me

i'd take a souvenir
i'd take your heart just like
you took mine and i'd hand you back the ashes after the flames
got a hold of your lifeline
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
euphoria Aug 2015
i'm still in love with the way your voice skips an octave when you get upset

you used to love my poetry beyond anything in the world but now

you blocked my poetry account i used to write poems about you but

you'll never see them the way you used to

you say you don't care you say you're scared of nothing but I know you're scared to admit it

you're still in love with my mind

the way i'm in love with yours
Jun 2015 · 832
my time is precious
euphoria Jun 2015
its 45 degrees
why am i

its sunny
inside my daydream
why am i

its lovely outside
why do i feel
so spiritual?

you're not
here to keep me
warm like the red
spot of jupiter

like the red spot
on your face after
i kissed your spirit
for the first time

i want to feel
again that way when
i saw that red spot
for the first time

in a long time
i never imagined
i could feel so
much for giving
so little of

"my time is very
precious stay the hell

away from me"  is where
you want to stay inside my daydream

its 45 degrees
why am i
shivering when you're

the only thing that keeps me
warm is my bedsheets
this one's for shai
Jan 2015 · 6.0k
if you think
euphoria Jan 2015
if you think words feel intimate, imagine my tongue inside of you
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
drunken secrets
euphoria Jan 2015
the moon whispers drunken secrets
in the middle of the night
in the middle of the rain
in the middle of my thoughts at
3 am
3  pm
it doesn't matter
you're the only spirit on my mind
you're the only spirit i want to lay in bed with at
3 am
3 pm
and stand upright with when theres nothing  else to do and the world is ending you're the only girl for me
you're the only medicine i need
and it's starting to make me alcoholic
Oct 2014 · 2.0k
from pieces
euphoria Oct 2014
in pieces
my heart lay scattered
across the floor in pieces
we became friends
from pieces
we evolved into something more

from pieces
she picked up my heart
in pieces
one by one

with glue she gave me
a fresh start in pieces
she put back my heart
she put back my reason

to live
to love
to feel

in pieces i stay until
i learn how to put my heart
back together

to find hope from above
from pieces
she put back my heart
from pieces
she gave me a fresh start

but just like kale goes stale
when ***** hands grip and pull
my heart stays fresh for only so long

it was only a matter of time before
the glue gave way and the pieces broke once more

— The End —