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adira Feb 2018
give me attention
i'm new i'm cool
I need people to give me those views
please leave a like
I need attention i want to be truly famous
it dosen't matter whether i care about you or not
I want my money an absolute lot
I don't care that i'm not a good person or an ignorant ****
I want money and attention right now
but for some reason in all this time i haven't been successful at all
im not at all like this i was just making a statement on people on the internet who just want attention and will do anything for it often times losing their charm or coming across as jerks in the prosses
adira Feb 2018
the world rushes by
but you stop to think
the stars twinkle bright you almost see them wink
the wind blows light
in the peacefulness of night
and once despite panic of life you feel like a child once more
no problems no worry you feel at peace with war
for once you feel inspired and happy
although you have many things to do
adira Feb 2018
there are seas of joy in a smile
that might convince people to stay awhile
a bonding thing full of power
a language at which none would cower
a smile is warm
and would create a swarm
of joy
adira Feb 2018
world is demanding a never ending place were onward we must go

take no second thought onwards we must go

you are sweating ageing your back breaking but..onwards we must go

and for those who stop to think in this constant spinning circle

shall be flung aside forgotten.. onwards we must go

to the world you are just one of seven billion other men onward they will go

you are already a slave to this earth because onwards you must go

the world will always move onwards

with or without you
adira Feb 2018
I wake up to to see a wasteland clearly in vain
Covered with imprints of horror and pain
The shadows of night sneak about in my eyes
All I can see are the Tunnels made to echo my cries
And All I can hear
Is the loud fast rhythm of fear
There is know where to go
chained up in an invisible chian
It feels as though im locked up in a cage of pain
Forever here to witness the bitter cold of this life
Or Perhaps to escape with a with a gleaming sharp knife
Only to think no it's not right
This I must fight
I must find myself light
To end this endless night

“A flame” a familiar voice said “has always been there and never gone out”
I recognize the voice I hear my mind shout
It was the voice of myself I exclaimed with haste
A voice I lost when I entered this place

In front of me was a can of joy
A stalk of memories
I stretched myself out to get the can I barely can reach
and find out what all this can teach
I pull out heat and flame
Disposing of shadows and bringing them shame
The flame flys through the illusion of myself Breaking my chains
And riding me of my pains
I look at the world I was in falling apart
Whilst expelling the bitter and the ****
I knew from that terror.
that place?.
about a person trying to visualize pain
adira Feb 2018
Some would say the lush green forest on the mountainside is perfect
But I know almost every forest
Lush or grey
Is plagued with disease
Whether it is the tiniest of parasites
Or the most destructive of predators.
everyone has a problem a trouble not everything is all joy and no ones life is perfect

— The End —