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Feb 2018
I wake up to to see a wasteland clearly in vain
Covered with imprints of horror and pain
The shadows of night sneak about in my eyes
All I can see are the Tunnels made to echo my cries
And All I can hear
Is the loud fast rhythm of fear
There is know where to go
chained up in an invisible chian
It feels as though im locked up in a cage of pain
Forever here to witness the bitter cold of this life
Or Perhaps to escape with a with a gleaming sharp knife
Only to think no it's not right
This I must fight
I must find myself light
To end this endless night

β€œA flame” a familiar voice said β€œhas always been there and never gone out”
I recognize the voice I hear my mind shout
It was the voice of myself I exclaimed with haste
A voice I lost when I entered this place

In front of me was a can of joy
A stalk of memories
I stretched myself out to get the can I barely can reach
and find out what all this can teach
I pull out heat and flame
Disposing of shadows and bringing them shame
The flame flys through the illusion of myself Breaking my chains
And riding me of my pains
I look at the world I was in falling apart
Whilst expelling the bitter and the ****
I knew from that terror.
that place?.
about a person trying to visualize pain
Written by
adira  13/F
   Christopher L
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