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The playground
With series of
Fortunate and unfortunate
Events and opportunities
Along with
Easy and hard lessons
To learn
With each self made desicions
Whether good or bad
To overcome past
But to leave some good memories
At the end
Feliz G Dec 2016
If doesn't care about us,
neither will we,
but I can't act like I don't care.
I really try not to care, but end up caring all over again. He doesn't care about us, only his friends, girlfriend, and his own section. So why do I still care? Maybe some things aren't just the same without him...
Torin Mar 2016
And each step in the past led me here
Crossroads between what was and what will be
Becoming my greatest fear and greatest hope
My brightest nights and my darkest days?

And with each step I carried with me
A cross for my own crusifiction
An overwhelming burden on my shoulders
Dragging and drifting and dividing myself

I can envision a beacon of light
It sits at both ends of a dark tunnel
So how can I be ever be sure
Which blinding light to follow?

The next step I take, will be the first one after I let it go
But in which direction must I walk
I can either follow the sun as it crosses horizons
Or follow the moon which brings me the stars?
A collaborative effort with Star Gazer
s Jan 2015
I can't please you.
No matter what I say you are going to be mad at me.
You are going to be mad at everything.
I know I'm not good enough for you.
I know that I don't say that right things.
I know you get sick of me.
I am sick of myself.
Throw me away then.
Why are you trying.
Why don't you give up.
I want you to give up.
Can't you see that?
I don't want you to care.
You can't make me do anything.
It's my choice.
Everything is.
Dinah M Jun 2014
I haven't felt like this before
I don't know who I love more
I'm afraid that this is reality
Don't know what they will think of me
I think I'm falling for the other
Don't want to go any further
For now maybe I can fake it
I know that desicion's stupid
But for me, it is for the best
Besides, I really need some rest
I'm so tired of caring too much
And I hope this all fades to dust.
"i'm done feeling like a stranger to myself, so i know, i've got to put all of my feelings on a shelf"

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— The End —