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I am well practiced in the art of heartache
Fluent in the language of grief
Versed in the routine of melancholy

I walk through this life marred by loss

Each day representing my triumphant victory over every obstacle existence has thrown at me
There were days
I remembered
To put my heart on my sleeve.

The other days
I hid it
So deep inside my body
I couldn’t find it for myself.

The terror of anyone finding
Me judging me
Seemed to linger in the air
I inhaled.
If I could
rearrange the Earth,
all of the flowers would
spell your name.
All that love flowing through my veins
got me sick to my stomach
I’m disgusted by how much
I loved you.
Sometimes the world drifts out of few
And all you see is you
Standing in the rain
Feeling the pain
But you don’t always have to be tough
Hear me when I say, you’re enough

When you make a mistake
That’s okay
We’ve all been there
I mess up every day

Sure, you have your flaws
As do well all
But you care when others would just stare
You give a hand even when you’re feeling bad
And try to be fair

You can play the guitar
Write real well
And let’s be fair
You’re also pretty tall xD
wrote this for a friend lol
i woke up sad
you were in my dreams again

it's getting worse
you're everywhere i go

a face i don't know
i recognize

as far as you know
i don't care about you anymore

i can't let you know
it hurts me even more

to see us happy
in a place that's not real
It is important
not to dwell on these things-
they have a way of
eating you alive.
The best thing you
can do now is shut up,
look forward,
and never back.

Look forward,
and never back.
If you claim to love me,
But that love does not inspire action,
If that love does not compel you to respond to it
With every cell in your body agreeing
And every beat of your heart
Matching the thud of your feet as you run after What it wants most
If it’s not that kind of love
Keep it
If I gave you my soul,
would you read each page?
Scribble notes of interest
and know me.
Would you take the time,
to help tape the seams?
Would you mend,
the fragility of my soul?
It tears and rips,
easily, emotionally.
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