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Sam 5d
You appear  faceless
in my every dream
following in the footsteps
I've left somberly in the snow

I envision the warmth of your smile
yet, as I turn my head to see
as I turn the page in my heart to love again
the words are left unwritten
wind sweeping away your fleeting smile
the spectral figure of you
following in the footsteps
I've left somberly in the snow

The spectral figure of you
softly fades to gray
leaving me to this labyrinth
in which I wander alone
seeking for eternity
the answers to "what went wrong?".
  Feb 24 Sam
Caitlyn Fletcher
I hope you find what you're searching for
And if you don't, I hope you find much greater
Sam Feb 19
It was a waiting room for the dying
A home for agony and fluorescent lights
Nurses dashing from bed to bed

I sat by your side
Wishing my soul he would instead take
I sat by your side
Wishing your eyes would finally awake

Fighting off each urge to sleep
As the clock crept deeper into the early-morning hours
I watched your face slowly come alive
For once that fateful night
I knew things would be alright
Sam Feb 14
I don't know why we never shared a goodbye. We just kind of ended like the stars do when the sun creeps up in the horizon. For a faint moment, I watched you drift away. Realizing the extent of my inner despair. Wishing for your hand resting softly in my hair. Dreaming of the days you were locked tight in my arms. Holding on to hope that someday you might return.
          Some time has passed since we shared a moonlit kiss. My heart would always race as your illuminated lips grew closer. The empty sidewalks came alive just to giggle at our romantic ploys. You'd always be there when I awoke. Ensnaring me with the limitless look in your eyes.
          When I think of you, I fall back in time. Clear as day, I'm taking your hand as we depart from your porch into the wide-open world. The world hasn't changed so much I suppose. It just seems a tad more lonesome now, and my boots feel a lot heavier.
  Feb 12 Sam
i don't have much to say anymore
the words have been torn out of my throat,
i watched them drown

i watched myself suffer and crawl my way out of the **** you created
for me

all i can say and all i really know is that i hope you don't break her like

i should have felt sick when i saw the two of you
but instead i felt empty
and on the car ride home i couldn't feel anything
but i fear this is what i've become

a hollow shell of the person you made me into
lost in my way, wandering, trying to find who i was
before you
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