Sam 1d

You and I were a photo finish
Crossing the line together
Neck and neck like always
And in the end
Neither of us could claim victory
But both of us managed to hoist the trophy of misery

Sam Nov 10

It's getting cold
And I really should go home
But staring at the stars
Helps me feel far less alone

Sam Nov 6

You lost me like a tree loses a branch in a storm.

I'm gone.

Now your story is filled with alcohol and nicotine.

Maybe if you believed in me, I'd still be there to fill the void in your heart.

Sam Nov 4

I've never been much for wine.
If I was, you'd be the last sip of a fine red.
A moment staring at the empty glass.
The taste lingering.
Soon, a craving fills the mind.
Followed by a void feeling in the heart.

I've never been much for wine.
I used to be much for you.
Now memories infect my head.
The last moments we spent together.
Like that last sip,
you've become unforgettable.

  Nov 2 Sam
Nolan Bucsis

I hate her.
Because I've never.

As beautiful.

And, I can't control.
The way I act.
Even though.

I know.

  Oct 29 Sam

I am alone in this cold place
I am slightly drunk and
I am alone
I could easily go out,
Find a married guy and spend 15 minutes with him
In the back of his car
I could drink some more and feel braver,
Stare a hole into the guy I find appealing,
Make it uncomfortable for anyone
I could cry but I've done enough of that
I could continue to snap myself in half
Between the sweet person I am that occasionally makes not-so-great decisions
Or the two faced horrible person you presume I am
I could walk back into that store,
Snowflakes melting in my white hair
But does it matter?
No matter how much I wish and pray and try,
Sometimes you just aren't enough
Would you let me down gently?
Would you call the cops?
Laugh and tell all your friends?
Another mark on my belt,
But not sexual.
Just the laughing stock of the town.
Would you give me a chance?
See me?
Past these layers of rumors and truth's,
Past my body and fucked up mind
Who are you?
Would you care?
Would you go past hearing my name or
Would you just turn around after hearing it?

Do you know how alone that feels?

Sam Oct 28

I wander to the forest
To stand among the giants
To listen to their stories

They know nothing of violence
They know nothing of greed
Each and every one
Began a simple seed

I stand among these titans
Staring at the leaves
My heart is quickly lost
Stolen by the trees

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