Sam 3d

We danced together in the starlight
Crickets serenading our sidewalk performance
The blocks began to run together
With each move, you grew more distant from my arms
Then, to my dismay, the darkness swept you away
I found myself alone under a flickering street light
The curtain finally fell on you and I
Leaving me to misery

Sam 7d

Riddles fill the mind
Am I yours?
Or are you mine?
In the twilight, you drift away
Now I'm begging you to stay
As I cross the bridge
The distance between us grows
I can see you fading
Fleeting like my cries
Hoping you can hear
I know you're already gone
Now regret and turmoil fill my soul
Gnawing at my essence
I must find a way to cope
To navigate the darkness
Now that I'm alone

Sam Jan 6

When I awoke today
The gray skies had gone away
The orange horizon was kissed by candy-pink clouds
I could feel the change in my veins
My heart letting go of all the pain that's choked it for far too long
I never believed in hope until I saw it in your eyes
Now I don't think that I could ever turn away
Sadness may last forever, but for you it's worth the endeavor
And if the world finds a way
to cast your smile astray
I'll be here forever
To catch you as you fall and keep the dark at bay

Sam Jan 3

Deep inside, he can feel it.
A deficiency of hope lives within him.
It skulks about his heart effortlessly.
He's become all too familiar with the feeling of loneliness.
It hides behind his humble smile.
Although ever present, it will never rob him of his kindness.
Deep inside, he can feel it.
That he may never be whole again.

  Dec 2017 Sam
Dave Legalisa

I was haunted
by the scenic beauty
of the three a.m. sky
under the halfmoon's light
silver and bright,
upon the algid stone
where I sat alone.
There was an odd feeling
I couldn't begin
putting into words
as they were like a twinge
upon my skin.
It was a pain
like a dust in my brain,
like thorns in my lungs,
and an acid in my tongue.

I was haunted
by the sadness and guilt,
remorse and regret.
For the Earth is so kind and fair
and all I did was pretend
a happiness no one
could comprehend.

I'm so sorry 2017 for being fake happy. I tried my best to be happier than I truly am but everyone just keeps on giving reasons why I should not. I'm sorry especially to myself for surrounding him with people he barely knew all throughout the year.
But HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
Have a sweet, wonderful, fruitful, and smashing year!
Sam Dec 2017

I'm fairly skilled at breaking my own heart.

I'm just not as good at piecing it back together.

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