Sam 2d

The aroma of lavender
Fills this dark, vacant, room
Your phantom here lingers
Living amongst shadows
Suddenly the air grows dull
And the scent of stale coffee regains prominence
Any remnants of you again taper away
Back to yesterday

Sam 2d

If tiredness was next to godliness, I'm sure I'd be omnipotent.

  2d Sam

I never needed you
or the way your hand fit perfectly in mine

I never needed your beautiful eyes staring deep into my dull ones
or the way the sun caught your hair

I never needed to hear your sweet nothings at my darkest hours
or or your flawlessly smooth skin against mine

Its all true ... i never needed it
but oh god did i want it

I want our love to be imperfect and perfect
I want our love to be tragic and safe

I want it to be ..... love

But i dont know what that is

i dont know what love is , so like this poem i remain ..... unfinished
Sam 5d

Hand in hand, walking fields of snow. Pail and pure, as if flake fallen from the full moon above. The way her hand fits in mine, sends my heart glissading into the idea of forever. As she turns to look at me, fresh snow clinging to her hair, the term "snow angel" takes on a whole new meaning. For the first time in a long time, my heart begins to feel... whole.

Sam 6d

Staples on a heart
Long ago fallen apart
Staples on a heart
The tears begin to start

Memories are truly dark
Everything is stark
In sorrow I embark
Memories are truly dark

Sadness is a gift
Although it carves a rift
A mind cursed to drift
Sadness is a gift

tears or tears ;) You pick.
  Sep 14 Sam

Some days I can't stop laughing,
Some days I need to find a reason to live.
Most days I have to stop myself from crying,
Every day I feel I have nothing to give.
Some days I want to dance on my feet,
Some days I just want to stay in bed.
Most days I feel Anxiety has me beat,
Every day I know I'm being held captive.
One day I want to be okay.
One day.

Sam Sep 13

Another late night
I struggle to sleep
My cold, pale, heart
And a million broken dreams

Another late night
I'm stuck here alone
Agony chews the skin
Straight to the bone
The stitches in my chest
Have begun to divide
Blood gushes from my soul
Drowning me deep inside

Another late night
Eyes too tired to stay closed
My hopes dance away
With the shadows on the wall
I'll shut my eyes again
Try to sleep before dawn
Snag a few hours
Before they're all gone

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