Sam Apr 13
He thought her every night before he went to sleep

Without her, the word "beauty" would be incomplete

Into his dreams, she always found a way

Without her, nightmares ravaged his brain
Sam Apr 12
In a gust of wind, he felt freedom
He felt chains fall from his wrists
Shackles shatter from his ankles
His burdened mind freed from it's cage

And with the wind, he chose to travel
To see the beauty in each tomorrow
No more drowning in his sorrow

At first daylight, he took to the road
Destination still unkown
He traveled light, and alone
His heart was open to the world
Sam Apr 10
I gave her all my heart
All my affections she happily accepted
When push came to shove,
I was happily rejected
Since then I've been sinking
Drowning in my anguish
Stuck in disarray
My bed becomes a coffin
The ceiling stays the same
I suffer through this pain
Each and everyday
Burdened by a future
I can never change
Sam Apr 5
In his hand, flowers decay
She'd broke his heart that day
Weeks had past, and nothing changed
Darkness came and swept him away
On that night, he gave his all
From the rooftop, he took a fall
In the moments before the ground
His thoughts of her were so profound
Flowers clutched in his hands
His dreams fell with him
Cutting currents through the stagnant air
His back would meet the pavement and put an end to all the pain
He smiled solemnly, as teardrops filled his eyes
For the note tucked in his pocket
Held his last goodbyes
Not suicidal :) I just write sad stuff.... There is help.
Sam Mar 31
He wrote line after line
Filling pages with words of ink
Storms alive in his eyes
Pen grasping paper, barely breathing from letter to letter

Ideas swarm his mind
Like sharks in an ocean
Preying on anything they can find
Growing from a sea filled with life

He couldn't sleep at night
Because the same sheep he counted
Told him stories ever beautiful
Stories that needed to be shared
Captured in the fleeting moments they're spoken
Or lost to slumber for eternity

As his journal filled, he was humbled
Thirst quenched by words that didn't get away
With his words archived securely
He could finally close his eyes
Sam Mar 25
He had nothing but pain in his heart
Misdirected dreams left him burdened by agony
Grief wove him a sweater
Stitched with sorrows and remorse
For the dark inside of him
Each day grew worse and worse

Tears laced with silver
Fed each pillow case
The labyrinth of his mind
An unforgiving place

In solitude he wept
Unable to escape
In solitude he wept
Unable to be saved
Sam Mar 18
A page not meant to be written
I conceal the words never meant to be read
From the book I was torn
Left to wither on a counter-top
Eventually met with scorn, and burned to ash merely as a way to move forward
For my words could never be accepted
Only rejected
Despised by the masses for standing out so proudly
The once golden page that defined the book
Reduced to nothing more than a pile of soot
Simply for the words that couldn't be understood
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