4h Sam
When I die
I want to be able to be there
To laugh at the bullshit act of everyone
Acting like they gave a fuck
Saying that they always loved me
Never once even showing it
I want to see the sad look on their faces
When they see the dead look in mine
Acting like they knew me
There are farms with less shit in them

Who am I kidding
No one will show
And that's how I expect it to be
  2d Sam
Absent Minded
From my coffin
I fade in and out.
Watching the streetlights dance
With the stars above
As my soul struggles to break free
From the confines of my tortured past.
Sam 7d
I thought of you today
While busy at work
The sweet words you used to say
Circling my mind
Reminding me of the note
In which you solemnly said goodbye
A teardrop growing in my eye
I know someday we'll meet again
Until then, I'll pretend
That you're right here next to me
With the smile you used to wear
Sam Aug 7
I'm sorry for the heartache
But please know that I tried
My friends all say it gets better tomorrow
But always lack the reasons why
Please forgive me for the games
I forced you to endure
And know heart has grown somber

Forget me like the ash
Cast out by your cigarette
Leave me here forever
To drown in my regret
My words become faint
Now I'm so far away
I'll watch over you
Like the glow from the moon
Sam Aug 6
Scar tissue abundant inside, she saw straight past my disguise.
"All your vitals are fine, but internally you've fallen behind"
As if she'd peered straight through my eyes.
My melancholy demise.
She kissed my cheek, a surprise.
Hopeful that I'd survive.

I laughed and told her I was fine.
Confirmed that it was all true.
My heart once whole, now torn straight in two.
In that moment, worry had painted itself on her face.
With my smile worn humbly, I continued,
"But I'll piece it back together, if only just for you."
Sam Jul 30
She was...
Malady spread
By the words she spoke
A smile built
From nightmares and dread

She walked the earth
Deriving sustenance
From the suffering
Carrying roses
But only if they were black
Her presence enough
To cause heart attack

She was catastrophic
Her kiss was corrupt
Now I'm drowning in part
Of her cancerous wake
Suffocating slowly
As her innocent smile grows
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