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Sam Aug 2021
In the darkness
In the silence
Lurks the solace, Lurks the violence
For all begins, so all must end
Today must die for tomorrow to begin
Creation is the dreams we weave
Caught beneath the somber sea
Exist for now, choose to be free
Exist for now, follow your dreams
Sam Mar 2021
I dreamt of you that summer night
Windows open ever so slight
We were together in a field of flowers
Your windswept hair dangling carelessly from the sides of your floppy, straw, hat
The warmth of the sun as radiant as your boundless smile

You took my hand, and paraded me through a pallette of petals
My clumsy boots stumbling with each step
In my stupor, I reached and plucked a flower
It was destined to be yours
The coppery-orange petals a perfect compliment to the hue of your hair
Both of us blushing as your lips met my cheek

It was a perfect dream
A testament to the time we shared
Ended by a morning sky, and a nostalgic cup of coffee
Staring vacantly at the blooming flowers in my overgrown-garden
Sam Mar 2021
There's a lonesomeness about it
This existence
Things come and go, begin and end
We march through the cosmos
Onward towards finality
Towards an eternal slumber beneath the soil

Each story comes to end
Years of memories and experiences to be nevermore
To be buried in the bones
An individual
A species
Slowly strolling the path to the void
A speck in the concept of time
Destin to return to the stardust that came before us
Sam Dec 2019
Those maple branches never were the strongest.
I remember the sound as your foot finally snapped one, and you came crashing down ten feet.
Leaving you with your first scar of many to come.

It's engraved inside my mind.
Your parents rushing to your side, as the blood trickled
down your arm.
All I could do was stare in disbelief.

It seems like things went downhill from there.
Your father just couldn't quit the bottle.
All the arguments and fights must have taken their toll.
Cop cars constantly visiting your house.
Yet, you still somehow managed to smile every time
we'd hang out.

Back in high school, we'd always chill together.
You'd always complain about the loser you were dating.
Losers like "Chad" or "Aaron".
It ****** me off how poorly they treated you.
If I wasn't so sheltered, I probably would have asked you out
back then.

I'll never forget the day you pulled up in your car.
That barely-running Plymouth with the busted bumper.
I remember you yelling at your parents.
Tears streaming from your eyes, as you ran across the street.
You threw your arms around me, announcing your grand
escape to the open road.
Your voice was cracking with sorrow as you spoke.
I did my best to comfort you, but I guess I doubted you back then.
****, that day was six years ago though...

I haven't felt much of anything since then.
I really hope you're doing well.
You'd love all the tattoos I've collected, So come back
and see them someday.
In the meantime, I think I'll stick around this dead-end town.
Sam Dec 2019
I still see you
Though your casket's long been closed
You haunt me in my dreams
Your everlasting smile
Those melancholy eyes
Each and every night
Tears stream down my cheeks

You're always here with me
I keep you in my heart
Wishing I could hold you
My words met by the dark

Scanning through the room
I know it to be true
You have left this world
So badly does it hurt

I close my eyes in moonlight
Hoping I do not wake
For in my dreams you're next to me
You're holding me so tight
When I finally pass away
I know we'll reunite
Finally trying to write again. I haven't been super inspired lately, but working on more poems soon :) Thanks for reading.
Sam Aug 2019
For someone loves you
More than you know
More than the text
To be written in stone
More than the anguish
Deep in your heart
Life can get better
Even if you are ill

The dark will come to pass
Even if the candle's dim
There's a time you must be brave
And know you're not alone
Keep your pen in hand
The world is waiting for the next chapter of your story
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