1d Sam
Astra Zenneth

It all seems hopeless
But I see your face and know
Those evil eyes you give to me
Are really all for show
You stab me in the back
But I'm happy to be your sheath
Honey, I'm just here to love you
I can take the heat
You may be a traitor
And you may be a con
But I'm here to stay forever
Because I love you, hun

  3d Sam

Dear depression
I'm writing to let you know
That I don't have anything else to give
You took away all my hope

What more do you want of me
The few breaths that I take?
They're not even for me I swear
I just don't want them to break
The ones who still care about me
Somehow you weren't able to push them away
I guess they're stronger than I'll ever be
But I don't want you to make them ache

Hurt me bruise me take my soul
But let my body here
For them , not me , I'm miserable at my best
But I can't let them live in fear

Dear depression
Please subside
We can live together
Just don't make me die

Sam 4d

A blackened path
A darkened soul
Reasons I fight
Lost from my sight

Slowly forgetting
What used to be
What could have been

When my light dims
The shadows come to take me
When my light dims
Will you be there to save me?

Or will I fade away?
Forever in the gray
Blessed by this deception
In need of resurrection

A bird with broken wings
This bird no longer sings

Time becoming thin
With each passing day
My heart is more constricted
Please come and cut the chain
Save me from this sorrow
And free
I will fly again

  4d Sam

I'm in a world of darkness
Where everything is dim
All is black
Everything but him
He's the colour to my life
How sad that he doesn't know
That in this world of madness
He's my last piece of hope

Sam 5d

In a dream I felt nostalgia
And it brought me to my knees
It wouldn't let me breathe
My cold, dead, teary eyes

When I awoke it hit me hard
Cause the pain did not subside
The vice stuck on my heart
Sinking me deeper in the dark

So my dear Nostalgia
Please just leave me be
I know I'm getting older
And the past I can't relive

So my dear Nostalgia
Please give me back my wings
I am sick of falling
And struggling to sleep

Please just let go of me
Can't you see I'm suffocating?
Have you no compassion?
I'm hollow
Broken by your kiss

Nostalgia I'm running out of words to say
I've been fighting far too long
I'm tired and weary
Decimated by your fury

So my dear Nostalgia
Hear me as I cry
Grant me one last wish
Stay the hell away from me

Sam 5d

I would be your sword, if you would be my shield.
I would fight away your sorrows, if you protect me from myself.

If you would be my rose, I would be your water.
I would keep your roots alive, and show you how to thrive.
Without you, I would dissipate.
Eaten by the soil.

I would be the clock, if you would be my hands.
I'm stuck here in the past, and need you to move forward.

If you would be my kite, I would be your wind.
I'd take you to new heights.
Embracing every ounce of your beauty.
Showing you off to the world.

I guess it's nice to dream.

I should have told you more often
With a smile and a wink
Washed more of the dishes
sitting stacked in the sink
Painted more of your dreams
And left some of mine blank
Put more stock in you
And fewer notes in the bank
Written lovely songs about you
From the depths of my heart
And sung them out sweetly
simple truths to impart
Should have hugged you each time
Your path crossed over mine
And kissed your soft lips
As our fingers entwined
Should have guarded your love
Like geese on the nest
And returned to it often
Never letting it rest
I guess I was wrong
I thought you would know
So many feelings
I have left to show
But now you are gone
Like a ship lost at sea
Far from the shore
Where you once stood with me

gmw '17

Don't save what your heart wants to say today. Tomorrow may be too late.
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