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Where does your sadness come from
he said
I’m not sure
either from yesterday or
next door
Must be next door
he said
no one lives in yesterday
Have you ever been to Santorini
on a boat
when you were young
and blond
and gorgeous
and free?
Have you ever been to Santorini
when life lay before you
like a joke
a challenge
a high
Have you ever been to Santorini
when the sun is so high
you feel you could die
If you’ve never been to Santorini
you don’t know me
but  trust me
just give it a try!
I am no longer interested
in the pain of truth
But I sleep easy with deceit
It is by far
the easier feat
Life won’t make you right
If anything
it will lead you
barefoot and ******
into a day
you are not yet ready to live
It won’t forgive
or allow any give
It will take you by the hand
then suddenly let go
disrupt the land
destroy your plan
Life won’t make you right
or alert you to the fight
It will push you
and push you
and keep pushing
until eventually
you take flight
fly well
fly straight
fly light.
Don't burn outside
Burn inside
And let that be art
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Another self
I think I know the
meaning of No
when stakes are high
and morale is low
I think I know
the pain of resist
when lights are high
and pain exists
I think I know
how far people go
when desperation hits
And your core is in bits
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