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Light a light for me
I will see it
It’s just another Saturday morn
fading into Sunday
slipping into Monday
cruising into Tuesday
delving into Wednesday
diving into Thursday
dying into Friday
crying into Saturday
It’s just another Saturday mom
Purple pools with floating jewels,
A merciful Goddess on a throne,
Bountiful treasure in the water,
Do you dare to tread inside it?

Remedy me,
I'm ready,
The tide is steady,
Remedy me.

Electric blue birds flew,
To the east towards the hues,
A redemption just to rule,
You'll rue the day you let Her die too.

Remedy me,
I'm ready,
The tide is steady,
Remedy me.

Pink sheets on ****** beds,
Walls are painted with reds,
Satin duvets are all shed,
She loves to dance with the dead.

Remedy me,
Remedy me,
Remedy me,
I'm ready.
he looks upon me
faced down to the ground
seeking a truth
that can't be taken
nor received
because it is me
  Sep 5 Frances Raeburn
Will you be there for me,
When it’s crazy, and there is no stopping anytime soon.
If I have to leave in the middle of a dreamy day.
Will you fight for me when it seems too hard to do.
Would you sit by my door,
When it seems easier to go than stay?
Would you love me even if it’s easier not to?
Probably you are a lover or a cheater
Probably you are a truthful or a liar
Whatever you do,
your looks are
so beautiful.

I am here to love you with no conditions
If you just like me then we can be friends
Just think about me
I won't push you
You're wonderful.

Please, don't get me wrong for this song
Sweetie, don't mind me; it won't be long
You can move away
where you want
You're powerful!
You see, I am smiling
but I'm burning inside
you see, my eyes are playing
but they're crying too
because I don't want to hurt you!

I keep saving your love in my heart
though it's broken into pieces
you're playing in my mind
but it really down!
I'm not frustrated because I love you.

I'm dancing in the rain onto you
but I'm dying inside
I want to see you next to me
but you don't care about me
I am still alive just for you!
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