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You are cigarette butts,
Empty bottles,
And nights spent hunched over the sink.

You are journals bursting at the seams,
Bad poetry,
And long playlists.

You are fingernails bitten down until they bleed,
Smeared eyeliner,
And trauma I never came to understand

You are regrets buried in the closet,
Broken glass,
And I hope you find your peace.
A Friend Nov 24
A poem of thankfulness
That you are gone
And have stayed gone
A Friend Nov 4
When you like someone for what they represent perhaps they’re better left as an idea.
A Friend Oct 29
Some people destroy the things they touch
Just to prove they can break
A Friend Oct 28
Art is our savior
Revealing which lessons lie
Where pain resides
Turning salt to sugar.
A Friend Oct 28
Boundaries as suggestions
Like lines drawn in the sand
Washed away by the tide
They mean nothing in the end
A Friend Oct 25
How easy,
To rip the unsewn stitch
Or tear the thread of an untold tale.
Often these tapestries,
Tattered and stained with red,
Have experienced one reign after another.
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