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susurri Jan 10
a time stamp
a memory
another word
that’s what
love can be
reduced to
without effort
without care
or conviction
susurri Dec 2020
a snow-capped Massachusetts morning,
the morning you awakened and turned over
from your side of the bed to hold me,
to tell me you had a dream,
your voice part gravel, part wonder,
a dream about our daughter—
the one we haven’t had—
how she was half me, half you,
how you saw her and it felt like
the proudest moment of your life

I hope she reads this one day
and feels the awestruck feeling
of love between us, for her—
our past, our present, our future
unfolding tenderly, slowly on
a snow-capped Massachusetts morning
susurri Nov 2020
when you’re the one
that has done the hurting
it takes time to heal too

it takes time to accept your faults
the pain you contributed to
the ending of it all

even if they hurt you too
even if they forgive you
the guilt inside you lives on

you might spend your life
hoping your sorrow
can be felt by them
susurri Oct 2020
time changes everything
it demands ebb and flow
a murmur of birds
in red watercolors
bleeding like carnations
placed in broken vows
and broken hearts
susurri Jul 2020
the things I never tell you
end up turning into poems

like how your eyes say words
you don't know how to express

how I felt more in one night
than I've felt in twenty-five years

laying my head on your chest
with you reading softly to me

what I wrote about us, for us
voice shuddering in whispers

I think about love and life
how we get so few moments

of soul-shaking tenderness
of certainty in each other

I think about your tears and
how I am genuinely fearless

about everything except
the thought of losing you
susurri Jul 2020
on days like today
being with you is enough
(yet I crave you still)

feeling your arm
drape across me is enough
(yet I want you infinitely closer)

waking up slowly
to your sleepy smile is enough
(yet I hope to see a million more)

your breath, your body
your heart—all of it is enough
(even if I feel greedy for more)

you must know that I'd abandon
all the things that I chase after
(just to feel enough with you)
susurri Jun 2020
dreamlike our walk was,
slow steps with the setting sun

a neighborhood of beautiful houses,
a collection of old money

the purple, pink, white hydrangea,
crawling ivy against red brick

I felt it then⁠—the unfolding of time,
of your future and mine

you turned to me and said it's funny
how love can be so physical

you meant beyond intimacy,
the visceral pounding in our blood

the rush, the pull, the need
like echoes calling to each other

and I don't know if I believe in fate
but we walked aimlessly only to stumble

upon a doe, her brown coat striking
against solid, gray headstones

she made us smile, moving slowly,
a tender scene for us to witness

we watched her and then gasped
as a speckled fawn was uncovered

teetering hesitantly to its mother
then softly suckling for milk

an extraordinary sense of life
in an expansive plot built for death

unreal and yet there we were
breathless in disbelief and wonder

all of the things that had to align
for this one moment to occur

I don't know if I believe in fate
but I believe in the feeling of rightness

and on this day, we found meaning
while walking aimlessly, together
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