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Maria Jun 2019
I’m scared because my mind rages against me

I hear the motor ignite with a vengeance.

Hurling towards me.

I’m on the sidewalk. I reason.

Each roar forces me to close my eyes.

I am afraid.

Of a car that will never crash against me.
Sometimes anxiety gets the better of me but i’m trying my best against the traffic.
Maria Apr 2019
Slowly I am becoming
the woman with the same name.
The one who is sung to endlessly
in different melodies and languages.
Loved passionately and missed dearly.
Day 3 of National Poetry Month
Maria Apr 2019
I see your eyes flicker as droplets on our skins dance to the ground.
Your smile widens as the water clicks the cement our heels tread on.
For a moment I am suspended in your love.
My soul expands to the sky, the earth, and the water in between.
Perhaps April will be my favorite moment between us.
Maria Apr 2019
I am a slave to change.
Eager to finish self construction.
The cobs of familiarity tighten
As I long to breathe fresh air.
Nervousness invites itself.
What part of me will die, transform?
And which part of me will hunger and be born?
Day 2 of National Poetry Month
  Mar 2019 Maria
there are tears stinging her eyelid,
so many emotions are whirling round and round,
and her heart clenches as she looks ahead.

but when she looks into her future,
she sees nothing,
and she wonders.

for if she deserves one,
as someone so silent,
who cannot seem to find her voice.

and she ponders,
if she has the will power to influence,
or whether she will fall apart.
Maria Mar 2019

I miss your strength.

You were the rock
unbudged against my raging seas.

You were the water
that quenched my fire before I could burn.

Endlessly you gave yourself to me.

Becoming the sun when I had none.

In times like these
I call such strength
to be born inside me.
Mamí te quiero. You are my strength.
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