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Nicholas Kurtz May 2014
Scottie spot a thot
Scottie spot the thot
Taking multiple shots
Scotty hopped right off his stool
Up to the thot he walked
Hoping she didn't find him
A fool
He said hey thot
From across the bar I spot
Such a **** fine thot
Wouldn't you hop on my ****
Now the thot looked restless
What a decision?
This might be the first time the thot
Needless too say it wasn't long
Before the thot hopped on
Scottie's ****
Scottie thought
Man after this thot
I might need a penicillin shot
Oh no, Scottie watch!!!
Here comes the thot's
Big pop
Threatening to give Scottie,
A pop pop

Scottie prayed to god
He wouldn't see no cops
Especially since before he
Made a stop at the ******* spot

And especially not for some

We all know Scottie
For a thot he's never fought
So he hopped off his stool and
Ran out of the club
He ain't no nub!
Scottie didn't get popped for no
Silly thot
And so is the story
Of Scottie spot the thot
Who took multiple shots
Hopped on Scottie's ****
And called on her
Big pop
Who almost gave Scottie
A pop pop
Scottie went to the clinic
To get a shot
And thought twice
The next time he spot a thot
Taking multiple shots
This is just a funny poem, I'm sorry Dr. Seuss. Much kudos to Scottie Watson and Khali Davis who inspired this!
I love you guys.
sadgirl  Dec 2017
sadgirl Dec 2017

The definition of thot [that ** over there], via Urban Dictionary

A woman who pretends to be the type of valuable female commodity who rightfully earns male commitment—until the man discovers that she’s just a cheap imitation of a “good girl” who is good for nothing, and definitely not for relationships or respect.

If women are products, then thots are cheap goods. More than that, they’re knockoffs: low-quality merchandise that attempts to masquerade as luxury items.

They generally dress in cheap clothing, try to act like they're better than they really are, or think they're not ****** but high class when they're nothing close to classy. They demand respect, money, gifts, dates but do nothing to deserve any of it because they have no self-respect, no manners, low self esteem, little education and on top of all that they are thots because they have no self worth.


he called me a thot.
the same blood-boy nightmare who bragged about his ******* and double cup. too cheap to buy actavis generics, so he drank himself into a stupor on walgreens brand dye-free cough syrup. he acted black, said words white boys shouldn't have near their mouths. his friends were ableist at the best, and misogynist at worst.

he called other girls thots too.
but i was different. stick-and-poke told trans king who told american spirit who told blood-boy what i confided in a friend. a story that ends and begins with my tears, tears from gagging, tears from telling my mother about the worst three minutes of my life and how my knees and heart hurt afterwards.

i embodied thot.
left my family for friends, joked about the pain until it hurt even more. i found myself crying in bathroom stalls, looking down at my body in the bathtub as i learned to breathe water. the girls said i was thick, i didn't know if they meant it in a good way. the boys said worse. i wore camouflage pants, comme de garçons tops, air force ones. i jumped on trends like a wild cat stalking prey. but i could never catch anything worthwhile with my soft, clawed paws.

he smiled like he was better than me.
after blood-boy stunned summers and winters alike, burned spring and fall, and for what? to call me a thot? i knew what i was to him. but he didn’t define me anymore.

he called me a thot.
and this time i fought back with my eyes, didn’t just sit there and feel words welling up inside.
because even thots are queens.
because i used to be deciduous, but now i’m evergreen.

Billip Phibbs Jan 2015
I know you seen that...

What? ... Her just switch cars like that?

Yup.... She doin' *****.
NO LOVE for a Thot.
KathleenAMaloney Nov 2015
I put my Prayer in THOT…
And Now it is in Heaven

I put my Prayer In LIFE…
And Now It  Knows a Happiness!

I Put My Prayer in Hope….
And Now my Faith Reveals Me…

I Put My Prayer in Love...
And Now It Knows Humanity…

I put My Prayer in Silence
And NOW the Vision Breathes again

I put my Prayer in Stillness
And feel my Hearing fall away.

I put my Prayer in Feeling
and hear the Voice begins Again

I put My Prayer in Loving
And My Eyes are Lifted Higher..

I Ask for what is Living...
I’m Shown the Pen of Peacefulness

It writes for Eli Wiesel..
and Calls the Words of PEACE..

I hear the sound of Beauty
that sings the sound Sibelius
It writes the Song of Welcoming
That plays the Perfect Peace

I turn to SEE the Mission:
The Treaty of Invisible

IT SEE's the Unseen beings
and brings them to this Home

We join at Heavens Table
that shares the Worlds and Galaxy
that sets down all the guidelines,
for  Living in the Light

I hear the Sound of Bodhi
And turn to Search for Witnessing
I ask for God's companions,
not 1 but 2 for strength

We stand within  PRESENCE
This Task is CLEAR
Now  hear the Sound Sibelius
and Know the Vision Peace.
Katie Smith Jul 2014
I’m sick of hearing my life’s a haiku.
I’m into magic, love, and other sorts of things that are typically voodoo.
I’m half ***** from a half assed absent African baby boomer brat.
I’m half white trash.
Here’s a well formed of dried tears turned into something to sooth my canine teeth.
It tastes like Moonshine.
I can’t swim anymore, so I’m here drowning in a concrete pool.
Always, I look for the hell in you.

I sharpen my boot knife for ****** assault protection.
The first swipes for the plus 200,000 in counting.
The seconds for the 66 percent underreported.
The lasts for me,
the 29 percent victims aged 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, and 12.

We have a higher rate of risking everything.
For depression x3.
For committing suicide x4.
For post traumatic stress disorder x6.
For alcohol abuse x13.
For drug abuse x26.

You all think I’m crazy,
I’m not.

I sometimes get called
stupid, ugly, *****, and thot.

I’m in pain, in sorrow.
I can’t help it.
He did it.
No one can undo it.
What do we do about it?

I wont scream, I won't cry.

I’ll ask how he’s doing with glitter and tears in the corner of my eye.
And after he's done molesting me,
"Want to go grab some coffee or tea?"
Personally, I like the cafe down the street.
They sell good brunch with amazing croissants.

And after this is over,
I’d ask him how it was while he turned me over.
Wheer 'asta bean saw long and mea liggin' 'ere aloan?
Noorse? thoort nowt o' a noorse: whoy, Doctor's abean an' agoan;
Says that I moant 'a naw moor aale; but I beant a fool;
*** ma my aale, fur I beant a-gawin' to break my rule.

Doctors, they knaws nowt, fur a says what 's nawways true;
Naw soort o' koind o' use to saay the things that a do.
I 've 'ed my point o' aale ivry noight sin' I bean 'ere.
An' I 've 'ed my quart ivry market-noight for foorty year.

Parson 's a bean loikewoise, an' a sittin' ere o' my bed.
"The amoighty 's a taakin o' you to 'isen, my friend," a said,
An' a towd ma my sins, an' s toithe were due, an' I gied it in hond;
I done moy duty boy 'um, as I 'a done boy the lond.

Larn'd a ma' bea. I reckons I 'annot sa mooch to larn.
But a cast oop, thot a did, 'bout Bessy Marris's barne.
Thaw a knaws I hallus voated wi' Squoire an' choorch an' staate,
An' i' the woost o' toimes I wur niver agin the raate.

An' I hallus coom'd to 's choorch afoor moy Sally wur dead,
An' 'eard 'um a bummin' awaay loike a buzzard-clock ower me 'ead,
An' I niver knaw'd whot a mean'd but a thowt a 'ad summut to saay.
An' I thowt a said what a owt to 'a said, an' I coom'd awaay.

Bessy Marris's barne! tha knaws she laaid it to mea.
'Siver, I kep 'um, I kep 'um, my lass, tha mun understond;
I done moy duty boy 'um, as I 'a done boy the lond.

But Parson a cooms an' a goas, an' a says it easy an' freea:
"The amoighty 's taakin o' you to 'issen, my friend," says 'ea.
I weant saay men be loiars, thaw summun said it in 'aaste;
But 'e reads wonn sarmin a weeak, an' I 'a stubb'd Thurnaby waaste.

D' ya moind the waaste, my lass? naw, naw, tha was not born then;
Theer wur a boggle in it, I often 'eard 'um mysen;
Moast loike a butter-bump, fur I 'eard 'um about an' about,
But I stubb'd 'um oop wi' the lot, an' raaved an' rembled 'um out.

Keaper's it wur; fo' they fun 'um theer a-laaid of is' faace
Down i' the woild 'enemies afoor I coom'd to the plaace.
Noaks or Thimbleby--toaner 'ed shot 'um as dead as a naail.
Noaks wur 'ang'd for it opp at 'soize--but *** ma my aale.
Dubbut loook at the waaaste; theer warn't not feead for a cow;
Nowt at all but bracken an' fuzz, an' loook at it now--
Warn't worth nowt a haacre, an' now theer 's lots o' feead,
Fourscoor yows upon it, an' some on it down i' seead.

Nobbut a bit on it 's left, an' I mean'd to 'a stubb'd it at fall,
Done it ta-year I mean'd, an' runn'd plow thruff it an' all,
If godamoighty an' parson 'ud nobbut let ma aloan,--
Mea, wi haate hoonderd haacre o' Squoire's, an' lond o' my oan.

Do godamoighty knaw what a's doing a-taakin' o' mea?
I beant wonn as saws 'ere a bean an yonder a pea;
An' Squoire 'ull be sa mad an' all--a' dear, a' dear!
And I 'a managed for Squoire coom Michaelmas thutty year.

A mowt 'a taaen owd Joanes, as 'ant not a 'aapoth o' sense,
Or a mowt a' taaen young Robins--a niver mended a fence:
But godamoighty a moost taake mea an' taake ma now,
Wi' aaf the cows to cauve an' Thurnaby hoalms to plow!

Loook 'ow quoloty smoiles when they seeas ma a passin' boy,
Says to thessen, naw doubt, "What a man a bea sewer-loy!"
Fur they knaws what I bean to Squoire sin' fust a coom'd to the 'All;
I done moy duty by Squoire an' I done moy duty boy hall.

Squoire 's i' Lunnon, an' summun I reckons 'ull 'a to wroite,
For whoa 's to howd the lond ater mea that muddles ma quoit;
Sartin-sewer I bea, thot a weant niver give it to Joanes,
Naw, nor a moant to Robins--a niver rembles the stoans.

But summun 'ull come ater mea mayhap wi' 'is kittle o' steam
Huzzin' an' maazin' the blessed fealds wi' the Divil's oan team.
Sin' I mun doy I mun doy, thaw loife they says is sweet,
But sin' I mun doy I mun doy, for I couldn abear to see it.

What atta stannin' theer fur, an' doesn bring me the aale?
Doctor 's a 'toattler, lass, an a's hallus i' the owd taale;
I weant break rules fur Doctor, a knaws naw moor nor a floy;
*** ma my aale, I tell tha, an' if I mun doy I mun doy.
marïama  Sep 2016
Fast forward
marïama Sep 2016
In this battle for the freedom of our souls some may think
Maybe I should've let go long ago
From being kings and queens, Chiefs and Pharaohs
To ******* in the cotton fields
To slaves being whipped and forgotten
We were stolen.
Stripped from our homes and looted of our gold.
Fast forward
Now we are doctors, lawyers, professors
But Don't tell me the cotton fields have recovered from our tears
Our sweat seeps deep into the souls of America
So Don't tell me the cotton fields have recovered from our blood.
Fast forward
"All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law."
They tell us equality is coming.
That it is here.
Then let you wait holding your breath
Black boy shot and killed for walking down the street
Black boy whipped and beaten for looking master in the eye
Tell me are you still holding your breath?
Still suffocating
Still waiting for the keys to our chains
Fast forward
Black lives matter
All roads torn down, we've paved new paths  
Stripped from our houses so we built homes
Lotted for our gold but we are golden
Black is hard to get rid of, that annoying stain that stays to long
Black is rough and tough
Black is solid in luring ways
Black lives won't matter until we love our own people
Black lives won't. matter. to. them. because you've called that girl a "*** or Thot"
Black lives won't matter until we stop the black on black blood splatter
For black lives to matter...
We must empower each other
Standing together the ground will break recognizing he whose tears, sweat and blood upon which it was built
So take one look at our past
Because this will be the last
Sometimes Starr Sep 2018
Ellen DeGeneres!
Mellow and generous,
Mellow and generous,
Ellen DeGeneres.


How can we peddle this,
Greedy degenerates?
Mellow and generous,
Mellow and generous.

I was just reppin it
You cannot step to it,
Ellen DeGeneres,
Ellen DeGeneres!

bass drop

I am not popular
My, what a thot you were!
You should be jealous of
Ellen DeGeneres!

like Meek

I was just a lost boy
Never understood the cost boy
Never really worked a market
But I never really liked the market

I just wanna overcome the darkness
I just wanna wanna make the sun shine
I guess I really want love to be great again
**** all this hate again
Cause I see you're vicious like a shark is

I am so done with the corporate mind
Grinding machinery, that's not my kind
You are not kind, you are so shy
Scrapin the sky
Fake **** and lies

You think you know what I'm talking about.
I am a poet with way too much clout.
I hate the way that this hatred compounds,
You're just a clown! You make me frown.

Ellen DeGeneres!
Mellow and generous,
Mellow and generous,
Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres
She's on my friends list!
Mellow and generous,
Ellen DeGeneres!

How can we peddle this,
Greedy degenerates?
Mellow and generous,
Mellow and generous.

Reppin this Emmy ****,
Dressing too fabulous,
Ellen DeGeneres,
Ellen DeGeneres!

bass drop

I am not popular
My, what a thot you were!
You should be jealous of
Ellen DeGeneres!

I'm never gonna let my heart grow cold like that,
Never gonna do just what I'm told like that
That ****'s old, my man
That ****'s sold, my man
That ****'s got us got us lookin' sideways in the fold, my man

Cause I think I hear a higher callin
Human race is fallin but you're stallin
I know you don't think you're Josef Stalin
But I think you look like Charles Ponzi,

My girl's not a cheater
So I don't think I really want to either
I don't think I ever wanna leave her
Iy just. want to. love,
Said Iy just. want to. love,
Said Iy just. want to. love.

(And party hard.)

Ellen DeGeneres!
Mellow and generous,
Mellow and generous,
Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres
She's on my friends list
Mellow and generous,
Ellen DeGeneres!

How can we peddle this,
Greedy degenerates?
Mellow and generous,
Mellow and generous.

Reppin this Emmy ****,
Dressing too fabulous,
Ellen DeGeneres,
Ellen DeGeneres!

bass drop

I am not popular
My, what a thot you were!
You should be jealous of
Ellen DeGeneres.

You should be jealous.

Ellen DeGeneres.

Reppin it, reppin it.

Ellen. Loooooove
Rich Hues  Nov 2018
Thot Water
Rich Hues Nov 2018
I looked at the wedding list for a bit
- and then I bought the kettle,
An expensive one from John Lewis
- shiny blue and made of metal.

At the reception I was introduced to his bride
- A pretty girl called Susie,
We'd actually met a few years before
- And had had *** in a Jacuzzi.

I think about her now and again
- and wonder if she thinks of me,
Perhaps when she's standing in the kitchen
- Making a cup of tea.
Try  Dec 2018
The Way It Went
Try Dec 2018
you brought a light into my life,
yet had the knife ready to take yours,
many times i disarmed your thoughts away from self harm,
you always did say i had a sorta charm,
always there for you when i heard the alarm,
but when mine went off you ran away into some one else's arms,
told you from the start this ain't no one-way street,
we each got our own heartbeat,
so for this to be concrete you gotta be able to stand on your own two feet,
yet when the other one falls,
remember to help them back up,
not just walk away like a thot,
cause that ain't how a team works.

© Try
went through some serious en-devours with some one i met along my journey, gave them all the support in the world something they never had before, yet when i fell on a hard time they got up and walked away.
King Tutankhamun Feb 2017
Everywhere you go
You see the same hoes
Throwing up deuce signs
And showing bra and ***** holes
*** shots galore
Posing on the floor
By an opened door
Thinking they a star
When they average joes
Hoes come in many fashions
No color bashing just blasting
All these fakes
Sitting on social media
Ain't got nothing in they names
But an account
And few followers for the fame
Internet celebrities
At best they say I'm hatin?
How humpty you getting played see
By the industry
Thinking you a women
But really a ***** day n night
Like Al B Sure
Don't get upset with me
Cuz of the choices you
Made in society in reality
Real women seek goals
And girls seek attention
So break that spiritual prism
You mored fused than a religions
Mixed with a bunch of ***** n *****
And at they same time
You at church making confessions n ****
Bet you thinking God smilin cuz of yo wilding
Sit down darling you startling
My words be sticking you like Marlin
Pardon me
I can't help but to expose the truth
Light upon the darkness
Grazin yo temples
Stop being simple and replica of Thot Central
Brendan Barber Aug 2014
When I wake up I can see,
I pass your ugly ***,
Shes a thot and looks like a he,
So many disease ****** dusty like snow,
Ugly *** ***** that looks like nanny mc fee,
I look you in the face and dont even know,
These eyes ******* burn like hell
I look at you and wanna cry,
You were a mistake we can all tell,
I just wanna ******* punch you oh my......
Its time for you to back to hell,
When you die that will be my high, im going to hit you with holy water you will burn I can tell,
**** this ugly ***** your going to die,
Knocked you out and you fell,
Smash your face and ring it like a bell,
Never will you catch me say,
To the street your going to sell,
Gone forever never hear a hey

— The End —