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Robin Carretti Jul 2018
My French Gem
The Rose tickler
finely handwritten

The movie part gave
her the sign life
crossed over gem
French kiss the morning
The burst of Kaleidoscope Sun

Double touched but forbidden
On the Cheetah necklace chase
The French Lieutenant 
 her body and lips moonstruck
On her chaise
To get over it another work of art
that got more attention

To revive her from drowning in
the gem scattered like a
blue splat philanthropic
Looking more into his unknown
diving suit mixed
with envy green how she got mixed into
the stranger of Poison Ivy
Her love didn't show all her
attributes God spiritually well
She went to the pastry heart
how it flaked all
over like crystals
He was patiently sitting but got persuaded
That little gem of the lounge
Her firey gem was the canary
that got his tongue
Her gem stands taller  
The crafted lines of quality in the

"Le Bonheur De  Vivre Gem-Art"

French kiss went inside the darker side of the painting

      He's transformed.

Shape heart delicate uniform.

"Parisians on a mission
A kiss is a serious manner
  LOVE" Gem birth opens her
He modifies her rainbow
Artwork of brush yellow
twinset platter hello fellow

the essence beloved to follow
So worth her wait being watched
By the crystal rock, he loved her
going up in spirit or she falls for him
The gem to be it

Magical modernly gem -fit clock.

See through hands meditation harp.

Lebonheur De Vivre fine art sharp.

Lips movement beyond hearts.

Le-bonheur De Vivre gem arts.

Artesian heels tapping boots.

Fall for Autumn love cahoots.

Beloved, divinely he's the healer.

The picture spoke she's the winner.

Wilderness he glides kisses prints.

Pushing her waves hints.

Everlasting one thought he's guessing?

Art never part beautify stem.

Eyes so genuine he's her gem.
This is the French Gem Europen setting like an artist love
graphically so smooth but cool would you want to be her gem being loved by him
speed is a lock of speed
the universe is a lock of speed
time is a lock of speed
time is a lock of a universe
time is time lock of speed
the universe unlock a gem of speed
the universe unlock a gem of a gem

a ruby unlock a gem of ruby
a ruby unlock a gem of speed
a ruby unlock a gem of a universe
lock is a unlock ruby
lock is a unlock gem
a lock ruby is a unlock ruby
a lock ruby is a unlock gem

a universe is a unlock universe
a universe is a unlock ruby
a universe is a unlock gem
time is time’s gem
time is time’s gem of ruby
time is time’s unlock gem
time is time’s unlock speed
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words from the renaissance for instance words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc... this poem is about time is time’s gem and ruby. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
Kim Essary Mar 2018
We search hopelessly for the love of our life. Basic reality leaves us to compare in most of the choices that we make ,  
Problem is we choose the things appealing to our eyes and leave the the rest alone  
Perfect point to understand the worth of a gem, some cut and polished and shine like the sun but once touched by the hands of man the worth of the gem is less valuable in comparison to the love we find the value of a beaten soul that's been torn and hurt by another, when you see her bruised face you pass her by for she wasn't appealing to your eyes.
Have you ever inquired the behind the scenes of a gem at the glance of it when it's dug from the ground, beneath the dirt and mud tossed and turned and beaten by mother nature and her wrath, it's initial find much like the passing of the bruised , is tainted by this world we live , ever wondered in your closed mind the true value of it's worth   go beyond what appeals at your first glance , wipe the Earths  **** from the gem and shine it up now do the same for the person you passed that another person abused, take them in let their bruises heal get to know their true worth, for the next time you walk about on a life journey in search of a gem or true love , don't pick the ones that are so appealing to your eyes , dig through the rubbel or see through the bruises and there my friend is the finest most expensive beauty of a gem and the true love your in search of  to spend the rest of your life with.  Beauty is only skin deep but knowing what's beyond the skin and outer core of appeal is the find I would treasure much more than the fakeness of the appeal
A man is only as good as his word and with every book to get to the end you must start at the beginning , you will never know the book by judging what's on the cover just like you will never know the worth of the gem until you remove the tainted earth.  For the things we see on the outside may not be what they tell are on the inside
riri  Aug 2021
it's her gem now
riri Aug 2021
her lost gem, she couldn't seem to find it for months
it was a rare one, expensive too
she treasured it most
until suddenly it was not in the pockets of her jeans anymore the next day

she lost her mind trying to look for it
searching all over her house
even in public places she frequently visited
but it was no where to be found

it was only until months later she saw it again
but with someone else
the gem was no longer hers
and her self loathe grew even more

"how could i be so irresponsible" is what she thought
"if i could go back to the night before i lost it and made sure it was there this would never have happened"
everyday from there on, she wished she could go back in time

she wishes the one who took it would lose it, so somehow it could come back to her
maybe she would find the gem laying around by her house again
she constantly got her hopes up every time she would see a gem
but it was not the same one, it was simply a clone

whenever she'd take a closer look at the gem's look-a-likes, she realized it was only an illusion
they didn't have the same shimmer as the real one
they didn't feel the same
the edges were rough and they weren't even real, they would break apart

she misses her gem, and she knew nothing else would compare to it
nothing feels the same as the one thing that made you truly happy
J B Moore Apr 2016
Don't ever let any one tell you that you're not beautiful.

You are a most precious gem, 
         beautiful in nature, unique in design.
                 One of which all men are hoping to find
A gem that should be strung on a necklace
                       and kept close to the heart, 
Yet necklaces are often only seen in part.

Perhaps you should be on the band of a ring 
                             on a hand like a string, 
    reminding everyone of your glorious beauty,
Yes for all the world to see the treasure that you be. 

But hands are often, time and again 
                       bound to get ***** now and then. 
No, not on necklace nor a ring can 
                        all your beauty be on display. 
If there was something I could do,
                         if I could just find a way.

Perhaps on the ear you can hang, 
          where no dirt will be
   But lo, there is hair and hair blocks
              the beauty the world needs to see. 

Where can I put a gem like you?
         Necklace, ring, and earring all won't do
   So where can I display a beauty like you?

At last only one place remains, 
            (Though your beauty I could never contain)
    In a case, behind glass, on a stand made of brass, 
        where dirt nor hair get in the way
        where your beauty can be put on display. 

Then the world may know what treasure have I,
to hold such a gem as yourself makes me one blessed guy.

i just heard some awesome news

that makes me feel very cool

you see this years credit union christmas parade

will be LIVE all over Australia on GEM

i am looking forward to it, as i have only been to two

i want to watch it, it’ll be rad, thank you Adelaide for listening to my emails

i know i can be annoying, but you listened to me, oh yeah

watching the parade LIVE in canberra,

while we don’t have any here

we only have parades for babies, and a parade for the whole family on GEM will be radically awesome

because this parade is the best parade in Australia, better than canberra anyway

all we have in Canberra is people hanging around the mall teasing like children

but on november 14 my mate, i will be in my house watching the credit union christmas parade live on channel GEM

i love life, i love being alive because Adelaide are listening to me

adelaide adelaide adelaide rah rah rah

adelaide adelaide adelaide the best christmas parade by far

adelaide adelaide adelaide LIVE on channell GEM

it’s better oh so better than missing out this year because you have no money

adelaide adelaide adelaide we are the best

the christmas pageant on from 11 to 1 on 14 november on channel GEM

we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas

and a joyous new year and a very joyous new year oh yeah
Marian Mar 2013
Welcome back, my Emerald Gem!
Precious is your Hibiscus stem
Which is full of love to the core
My Sis I love you forever more

My Emerald Gem, I love you
I always wish to give you my happiness when you feel blue
Thank you so much for being such a lovely Sis
My dear, I wish I could give you a hug and kiss!

I wish I could give to you a bouquet
Of every flower that would sing to you each day
That way you would always be happy
As you play your Cello loudly and clearly

I wish I could give to you a Hibiscus crown
To grace your head, while you dance in your gown
To the sweet song of your Cello
With sweet songs Classical and mellow

I want to say to you
Welcome back, my Sis never feel blue
Welcome back, my Emerald Gem
Precious is your Hibiscus stem!

Maybe life has given you a bright gem
The gem I work for day and night
The one that would turn soil
And make of it an oil
The oil that never a day spoil
Never spoil but smear the skin soft
Soft and your life turned a smooth
A smooth that in it a problem smothers
That which builds confidence
I call it a gem of life
Precious and important!
                  gem of life
Precious and important!
Gem .a precious stone ...
Ashwin Kumar Feb 20
You are a gem of a friend
Whom it is very difficult to offend
I knew you as a colleague first
Your trustworthiness, is something to which I can completely attest
To work with, were you always fun
Because your mind was always open

You are a gem of a friend
Nothing gets past your clever mind
Not to mention, are you sweet as honey
Talking with you, is something I always enjoy
What I like about you the most
Is the fact, that when it cometh to speaking one's mind
You are undoubtedly one of the best
Because you always stand your ground
No matter what happens
Your courage is indeed immense

You are a gem of a friend
With whom it is not difficult to bond
Usually, no fan am I, of political discussions
However, for you can I make an exception
Imagine the fun we could have
Trashing the central government
I can already imagine your excitement
After all, you never shy away from a debate
A mere spark is enough
For your mind to ignite
Though your voice is the exact opposite of gruff!

You are a gem of a friend
To the world, are you a godsend
How do you manage your kids
Run the house
And work at the same time
Is something for which, an answer one cannot frame!!
Well, I do hope you take a pause
From time to time
Because you are indeed a hard worker
A great conversationalist and listener
And above all, a friend to remember!!
Yes, you are indeed a gem of a friend
With this, shall my poem end!!
Dedicated to Irene, my friend and former colleague.
There's a sea-gem in that sand you're in,
Buried a ways away.
She beams so loudly, in that way that she beams,
Whether the sun smiles at her or not.

There's a tree-gem in that sand you're in,
Fallen from her green-top loft.
Sweetly, she glows at the jewels that she's grown,
That, now, sing of their granted agendas.

She's a free-gem, that tree-gem,
That, sometimes, calls herself sea-gem,
Quietly, carrying out her duties, with smiles.

But, she longs to be found,
That green-gem, some rounded,
By you, poking at rocks and dry clams.

Dom McDo  Dec 2020
Gem In my Eye
Dom McDo Dec 2020
Gem in my eye
Flawless in my eyes
I look at you and I’m astonished
Taken in by your many sides
Each one took a part of me
Just stuck in my heart like a book mark
This is probably a stroke of luck
Like what was the probability of meeting you
**** I even fell for you
You really are the Gem in my Eye
Was it your goal
Like two halves of a whole
You bring balance
And like the other half let me balance you
The other half of my soul
I’m here for you
I’m here with you
Every side of you
You little Gemini
Gem in my eye
Shining bright as you twinkle in my eyes
Twinkle twinkle perfect gem
Finely cut right to perfection
My object of affection
You’re a gem ,And I’m a jewel thief
Let me sweep you off of your feet
As I whisk you away
I gotta hold you tight
It’s only right
For the Gem In my eye
Who I call my Gemini

— The End —