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Isabelle H Graye Oct 2017
Tears follow down my cheeks
It happens at a drop at the hat
Some days it is over time
Some days it release just like that
I try to be a good friend
I try to be a good wife
I try to be a good sister and daughter
I try to make most of this thing called life
Why don't I seek help
Find someone to listen to me
I don't know why I don't
But that couldn't be
Thank you life
To listen my cry
Maybe I'll see you another day
Good bye
Isabelle H Graye Jun 2017
Dear Christopher,
It was 3rd grade
We talked about being boyfriend and girlfriend
Looking back now, we both had no clue
it was like that for 3 days before it came to an end
The frizzy haired 3rd grader

Dear Andrew,
It was 6th grade
I thought you were smart and I really liked you
But you were made fun of for liking me
You ignored me and said those feelings weren't true
The 6th who use to think you were amazing

Dear Daniel,
It was 8th grade
I moved to a new area and I don't know anyone
You told me you liked me, but decided to date my friend
When you guys "broke up" then you said thing that I didn't like
Things that made me uncomfortable
These are the reason I had to put it to an end
The 8th grader that was put off with your ****** comments

Dear Matthew K,
It was 9th grade
I thought you were the greatest thing since slice bread
Everyone looked up to you as a hero of the day
I found out that I didn't fit the type of girl that you like
I confessed to you and I regretted the words that I say
The 9th grader that realized that you are a ****** canoe

Dear Chris R,
It was 10th grade
Thank you for the mixed signals that you gave
One day I thought you kind of liked me and then you pretend I wasn't there
Founding out you did hard drugs and I hold onto my heart for the save
The 10th grader that was really confused to how you really felt

Dear Chris B,
It was 11th grade
You liked me and I liked you but no one would say
But you also liked another and we didn't tell each other how we feel
So for now I'm going to move on from you, but who knows where our paths will end crossing one day
The 11th grader that is still grateful for our friendship

Dear Matthew H,
It was 12th grade
I really liked you and you seem to like me too
We went on a date and that was fun, but
You were mormon and I am not, so I had to stop seeing you
The  12 grader that was grateful for the date and prom

Dear Mike G,
Fresh out of high school
I truly loved you with everything that I am
You were my first on every level but I was another notch in your belt
You broke my heart, but crying for you now isn't worth a ****
The girl that you thought was just a ****** conquest

Dear Chris B,
We have found each other again
We reconnected again but this is feeling is something new
I don't just see you as a friend but something more
9 years later we are now husband and wife, who knew
You wife that is grateful for your love
Isabelle H Graye Jan 2017
You were my only friend
I had no one during my childhood
You were always there in the end
You were there when no one would

Now I am not talking about a person
I was surrounded by loneliness
I had no one for some reason
I keep to myself, that was my businesse

Now here we are years later
I didn't think I would see you
But now you show up to cater
The poor lonely girl that is what you do
Isabelle H Graye Aug 2016
You try so hard
You try to meet every standard
You try to be good enough
But it wasn't enough

You feel like nothing
You feel like ****
You are weak
And you thought you were tough

You tried to prove everyone wrong
That you are so much more
All was for nothing
Everyone was right about you

You feel like you heart is breaking
Because you know that you are worthless
Why did you ever think you had a chance
You had no clue

It is too bad for you
That hard work and loyalty means nothing
You wasted your time
You gave up a possibility for this

You are nothing
You are defeated
You are worthless
Losers are made up of this
Isabelle H Graye Jul 2016
Is it love
To judge and hurt
You are almost perfect
But in my eyes you look like dirt

I come across as some that cares
But in reality, I'm embarrassed by you
People are being nice, but you don't get it
It is really that they can't say what is true

You are sweet and you are pretty
But you need to dress up more
Because personality doesn't count
If you look like, in my eyes, a *****

I see in your eyes that what I said hurts
But I don't care because it is about me
I can't be associated with the likes of you
I'm worried what others will think and see

You want to marry my son
Well, welcome to the lion's den
You betterĀ  shape up
Because you are only a 9 out of 10
A special dedication to my future Mother-in-law. Thanks for making me feel like crap
Isabelle H Graye Mar 2016
Something Vimes had learned as a young guard drifted up from memory. If you have to look along the shaft of an arrow from the wrong end, if a man has you entirely at his mercy, then hope like hell that man is an evil man. Because the evil like power, power over people, and they want to see you in fear. They want you to know you're going to die. So they'll talk. They'll gloat.

They'll watch you squirm. They'll put off the moment of ****** like another man will put off a good cigar.

So hope like hell your captor is an evil man. A good man will **** you with hardly a word.
Isabelle H Graye Nov 2015
In the same room
But we're far apart
Like we not here
Compared to the start

Do you even noticed me
Am I here with you
I will say that I'm in my own world
That I forget that you are here too

Two people once in love
Feels like we are drifting away
Is the feeling still there
The answer I am afraid to say

It is not the same any more
I am here with you
But it feels like we are miles apart
What do we do

Do we stay, do we go our separate ways
I'm alone with you
My heart hurts and it is confused
Do you feel this too
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