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I'm being stung by bees in the snow.

my pants fill with air

my pocket takes warmth from fingertip

four numb

very touching and very moving
sentiment from twenty years of last century

taking warm rocks from the unsettling effigy

ingesting them

it is too painful she tells me

a ram's horn

being stung by bees in the winter

chewing on dolphin meat in the summer

the beach is glass
the salt boils

my soles bubble
yellow cloud pushes me up

I glide on the hooves
in my new pelt
it's high midnight and I'm up to my old tricks again

in an hour I'll have my nose prepared
in two, I'll sweat and pray

praying the windows I opened last year give way to Carolina air

me chewing an ice cube
with you pressing my shirt

and a shiver breathes into me

it's a funeral, you tell me

in twelve hours time I ask you how I got here

another hour and it's your voice
causing me to laugh from my belly

pounding my fists into your tombstone

too angry to light my cigarette

the willow hides the moonlight
sheds no tears on this chapter

the willow hides night sky
a reflection from my dark eyes

they warble in fear

for the sound my heart is like to make

it's three years later
chewing soil from your grave

the worms but ash

my heart
a muted trumpet

pale imitation
crystalline defeat

silhouette of a cursed shade

it's five years and the marble runs smooth

it's ten years and the willow roots join mine

a legacy of agony
countless copper dishes of bitterness

thirteen years a testament of longing and needless suffering

every smile bled to death
every night a star turned inside out

it's two years ago and I hear your name
up there with sentiment, sweet kiss gifted

mine eye, the milky scar

now none know Fall without pain

nuzzle nuzzle
loneliness struggles

with bright worms

lush snow blesses death

together now

our song in dark soil
shrieks and tears

together now
hope it seems missed much
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