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seasonalskins Jun 2014
you never really hated the memories,
only who you shared them with
shåi  Jun 2014
{ } (12w)
shåi Jun 2014
i was lost
in love
a deer
lost in
the wilderness
Shannon May 2014
sorrow like a garden grows,
around my feet
sahn 5/11/14
As always, thank you for reading my work. I like the idea of the 12 and 10w poetry. It is a challenge to get a thought clearly across. I enjoy little rhymes that sort of swim in your head after you've read them.
Levi Andrew Jun 2014
It's not ruined
If it is...
You're the one
who ruined it.
Colorado stoners firing it up
Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky luck
I never look back on my art. Reminds me of my failures.
Leila The Kiwi Jun 2016
It's not worth
being that open
and trusting,
it's a death trap.

Caitlin  Aug 2014
CRY (12w)
Caitlin Aug 2014
I have that feeling,
Where all I need to do is cry.
I'm depressed...not sure why. I need to cry.
jayson m May 2014
You are my first thought when I wake.

I wish you weren't.
Carolina P Jul 2015
They cut me down to free
The warmth they saw in me.

— The End —