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Roy Esnarom Mar 2015
i want to write
my inner words
i want to let
my deep cries out
but i can't have
you frightened child
stand up against
my vicious doubt
around 2011
Roy Esnarom Mar 2015
i whisper into the void
and wonder if you hear me
you stare into the void
and wonder what's that sound
this is our relationship
these are all our relationships
i hope some day someone
would hear you clear
thank you for readin'
random internet user
Roy Esnarom Mar 2015
as too short nights go by
i see you less and less
the heart blocks you from mind
to keep from lack of bless

and then you show to warn
you won't be home tomorrow
and in return my heart goes numb
to ease these times of sorrow
around 2010
Roy Esnarom Mar 2015
i want to draw some naked ladies for a living

i want to make wood melt and turn marble soft

i want to think for the scholars and question long thought ideas

i want the rich to hate me

i want to sneak out their bedroom windows

i want to pass out uninvited in their country estate

i want their daughters to eye me

and make true so easily

what their dreams can't gestate
around 2010
Roy Esnarom Mar 2015
good eyes like smooth thighs
make me move in the wrong direction
but for the most part smooth thighs
are for good eyes too much of a strong distraction
that's why the good eyes get my love
but the smooth thighs my affection
i don`t have a record of when i wrote it but it was probably around 2009
Roy Esnarom Mar 2015
heart shaped ice cubes
always makes me sad
as gently as i hold them
they always melt and fade

i should'v been born colder
around 12/4/10

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Roy Esnarom Mar 2015
it's lonely at the top
i see it in my mind
i take it it's the same for you
so i won't waste your time

take me to the top
then take me down a step
your ones and onlys come and go
i'll make you half a trap

i want to be your 'something'
possession or a guest
you'll sometimes have your ones
i'll be your second best
around 3/4/10

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