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renniedreams Aug 2018
Galaxy gardener sailing a ship,
through endless horizons it makes a trip.
She/he looks into the inky canvas blend,
then scatters some seeds in the spacial rend.
What does await this brave lovely soul,
when we see the universe's gears roll.

Ionizing radiation penetrates through,
while watering can always holds true.
Space turf gingerly shovelled over seeds,
her/his forehead adorned with water beads.
Nitrogenous nutrients now nuzzled into,
the serene slumbering seedlings to be.

Galaxy gardener greets growing greens,
lively lushscious leaves forward leans.
Wormhole worn star systems she/he fixes up,
as does she/he proudly prune her/his wondrous crop.
Many a plant has grown under her/his care,
yet she/he never feasts on the fruits they bear.
Teacher's Day 2018, dedicated to all the teachers who've guided me thus far.
renniedreams Jul 2018
A harsh breath ices over my soul
which shrivels up but refuses to cease
My ruby jewel running a wicked race
the end of which is never told
The owner of the gust is not me
For from the skeletal society it be

Someone has died in satisfaction
his life taken by asphyxiation
A crow comes close by to roost
near the man held with the noose
Expectations formed a hemp binding
Pressure pushed the strings holding

Another shattered from hypothermia
his mind no longer in hysteria
Fangs of a beast cacaphonously crash
but soon fade as the man a hash
Lack of human warmth drained
Pathos of his predicament claimed

One more exploded onto cold concrete
jumping free from a tight restraint
Belligerent buzzing blasts through
feeding on crimson blood just drew
Endless horizons rest on the tower
man consumed by endless power

I took my hand and grasped rubber
carbon-iron alloy spelling trouble
At my chest I flash the deliverer
aiming at one who is none the wiser
You can hear a thunderclap and the rain
for life from this lad has been drain

I jest.

Human nature dictates we protect
even if our minds are not intact
My spirit may be wholly extinguished
but to the bitter end my flesh pulsated
Only in dreams can I **** myself
for then I can expose my unhealth
renniedreams Jan 2018
Cold frozen road
Poor sorry lad

Brutal roaring storm
Corpses madly bloom


The crippling cold catches up

Through minds zip chaos
It corrodes conquers nights

Too late...

The howling harvester hacks heads

All broken...

Cold worn hearts
Seek godly protection
A mnemonic for chemistry students~  Feel free to use it and share it with others!
renniedreams Nov 2017
You didn't bring your tie,
so you're gonna die.
And so it has begun,
the times of no fun.

Pride and Joy, we feign,
hearing speeches, in disdain.
Oh such is the pain,
of Mr Bart's reign!
renniedreams Nov 2017
I love girls
I love how they twirl
I love their silky long hair
I love their graceful air

I love how social they are
I love how they look from afar
I love the cute frilly dresses they wear
I love how much for each other they care

I love their petite frames
I love their cutesy names
I love how their maturity
I love how they give a sense of security

I want to be like them
I want to be one of them
I want to feel loved
I want to be cutely dressed

I am a boy however
I am unable to change myself
I am actually able to, but
I am unable to return if I do

I feel indignant that 'boys never grow up'
I feel wrong for wanting to be a girl
I feel disgusted whenever I put on a dress
I feel like, I belong yet I don't

I'm (a) trap[ped]

I will remain as my original self
I will dress up on occasion
I will always not want to fully change
I will always do, whatever the hell I want
I wish I was a girl sometimes, but I don't want to give up what I already have forever...  Also subtle anime reference with 'traps'
renniedreams Nov 2017
Have you ever stopped,
to smell the flowers?
You've surely been amazed,
by nature's wonders.

Seen that singular stunning sunflower yet?
Been badly beguiled by the beauty, I bet?
A floret that does not blossom for you,
most certainly is not the one fit for you.

There is a garden.
Not every single fruit is forbidden.
There are choices.
Not every single one is scrupulous.

Look far.
Look wide.
Life may not always be a bed of roses,
But there is always a sea of flowers.

Lovely lavenders lazily frolic about,
delicate and demure daffodils dance around.
Caring calming carnations create a candid capture,
petite pleasing poppies peak out from the pasture.

There is a garden,
it's filled with happiness.
The secret unspoken,
is just paying attention.
renniedreams Nov 2017
A red string of fate,
is what some await.
A red string of fate,
brings love and hate.

Stop him.
From strangling me with it
Stop him.
From tying us together

I want her.
To tie the knot with me
I want her.
To be bound with me forever

The red string of fate,
rules It follow it no.
The red string of fate,
it condems many to a fate
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