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Lottie R Page Apr 2020
I have enough hate running through this blood,
I cant afford to have another judge,
Yet there you are,
Reminding me I'm subpar,
Less than,
I get it,
A waste of oxygen,
But you're still my friend,
What a pathetic sight,
Stand up,
Forget these people,
Their standards and demands,
Free your hands,
You are worthy,
You matter,
The only important factor,
I hope this finally sinks in,
You have one life,
Why spend it suffering,
If they dont appreciate you,
It's their loss,
They're the fool,
As you are worth so much,
A hidden gem,
Maybe a jewel.
Broken Arpeggio Sep 2018
Locks cannot contain the force
That innately exudes from every being
So nurture it,
And allow it to consume you
Create fully,
With every facet of your heart
In order to achieve
True nourishment of the soul
renniedreams Aug 2018
Galaxy gardener sailing a ship,
through endless horizons it makes a trip.
She/he looks into the inky canvas blend,
then scatters some seeds in the spacial rend.
What does await this brave lovely soul,
when we see the universe's gears roll.

Ionizing radiation penetrates through,
while watering can always holds true.
Space turf gingerly shovelled over seeds,
her/his forehead adorned with water beads.
Nitrogenous nutrients now nuzzled into,
the serene slumbering seedlings to be.

Galaxy gardener greets growing greens,
lively lushscious leaves forward leans.
Wormhole worn star systems she/he fixes up,
as does she/he proudly prune her/his wondrous crop.
Many a plant has grown under her/his care,
yet she/he never feasts on the fruits they bear.
Teacher's Day 2018, dedicated to all the teachers who've guided me thus far.
Matthew Harlovic Jun 2016
A chemical imbalance
of dope and dopamine
opened a gateway to
her infernal machine
but her callous indifference
to change her routine,
only nurtured her aggression
towards maternal genes.

© Matthew Harlovic

— The End —