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R M May 2022
in the dark depths
of despair i thought
of joining you

aching with grief
as if struck too
i was lost in the
loss of you

but pain doesn't heal
hurt and more death
can't bring us to life

so i carry you inside
because as long
as i love you
you're alive
R M Sep 2018
stop throwing stones of judgement when we are all made of glass
R M Mar 2018
I woke up suddenly at 3am
Disoriented and dizzy
Not sure if from a dream
or nightmare
My eyes scanned the
Trying to reassure myself
of the here and now
My breathing shallow
My body trembling and
covered in a cold sweat
Overcome with the urge to
talk to you like I
use to
A thrumming need to have you
close pulsed beneath
my chilled skin
I sighed and
adjusted for comfort
Tucked NotBob back under my
Closed my eyes and calm
breathed myself back
to sleep
R M Jan 2018
I have a light inside of me
that occasionally is eclipsed
by a darkness that also
lives inside of me.
R M Sep 2017
How quickly a day
becomes a week
becomes a month
becomes a year
And a stranger
becomes a friend
becomes a lover
becomes a ghost
R M Jul 2017
How did we ever live
apart from each

Were we even
R M Jul 2017
There are times I miss
you so much
I wish I remembered where
I placed your memory
Which box
in which dark corner
holds the sound of
your voice
Where did I bury
your smile
and the feeling of your
eyes saying I’m
I scattered the ashes of
your burnt words
and on occasion regret
that I didn’t keep
a special three to
visit during my
lonely sleepless
There are times I miss
you so much
I almost go searching
for you
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