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Jan 2022 · 428
One minute to Patriotism
Poppy Rusert Jan 2022
Did we ever think,
The air we are breathing, was for someone who was lost?
The people who have died,
For us and this land.
The brave son of India, Who’s never petrified.
They were the gold and platinum, rare on this land
Our head bows to them
The salutes go grand.

One of them was names Subhas,
The man who fought, for us,
And made us think of this land
His words gave us chills, the spines to stand
“ You give me blood, I will give you freedom”
Never would have thought the man hold the capacity to run the soldier from fathom
He fled, to Afghanistan to Italy to Germany to Japan...
In the search for freedom, he came back with an army of thunder.
He was the fire, the true son of ‘Bharat’.
The rage inside of him had burnt down the cage,
The cage where our mother was tied.

The story would go on and on and on
Without any pause,
The story that people Of India already knows,
The more we tell... The more we hear... The more it comes out with something new to learn.

We salute him and the lucky mother,
Who’s pride was never could leave her head.
Thank you for giving us him.
A true leader,
The 'Netaji' of India
“The true man of steel”
The one who inspired and will always still.
Happy birthday Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
Dec 2021 · 444
A Whimsical Christmas
Poppy Rusert Dec 2021
The frosty white lane
Down the 'Wolve's Bane'
Tagged along with the joy of jingle bells

My foremost heart
Frown at the part
where I stood with the most visual grin

I remember about the
Rudolph and the red nose reindeer
The countryside along with its pioneer
With the sudden rush of happiness.

Little red socks, the big gree tree
Lights and locks
I feel so free
When Christmas is along the corner
Stand with the most beautiful
Visual of the year

But to those little tears
Of that little two sisters
Who barely had any good Christmas
Still standing with glittery eyes
hoping the foremost.

May past all the sad and sorrow
May past all those who cried tomorrow
Now is the time to jingle along with the light
The spirit of heaven and hell between the fight.
Merry Christmas to all of you.
Oct 2021 · 183
My Fictional Love
Poppy Rusert Oct 2021
Are you my reflection
just in a form of another?
cuz' you make me feel like
I am looking at myself without much bother

When in those freezing nights.
I needed a shoulder to rely on
I still remember.
How you took me into your embrace until the cold is gone.

They say you are just my imagination!!!
But if so. then why do I feel your touch?
Why those only nights don't feel like they should have?
How did your warmth melt me so much?

I know you only come at night
when I drift into those wonderful dreams
I know it isn't just lust, but the love I need.

Are you just my fiction?
then why do I see you as a part of my reflection?
Those marks you gave me
as a part of our love.
I will carry it with all my dignity
To proof us thereof.

I am left with my tears
Finding you in the broad daylight
I wish you could stay
without any fear

I wish I never had to let you go,
we could get stuck into a
fairytale or more.
I sigh, knowing it's all again just a dream. I woke up from.
is he just a dream?
Oct 2021 · 541
My saviour
Poppy Rusert Oct 2021
I look up at the sky
and I found it shining so bright.
It is nothing like the light
that dwells last night.

I can feel the summer heart,
the warmth I am wandering for.
Also, like the frozen lake,
Shiver down the spine he makes
I feel like the one with cold nights.

How amazing his thoughts are,
that dark majestic orbs,
his cold as ice looks, that people say it's rude.
Just like some tornado storms.

But only a few would know and see the real him,
that made my heart flutter like a loving realm
his cute smile, that can melt the ice,
his pout when he sleeps like little mice.

Like the spring that came into my life,
I wonder if I could tell him one day
His existence is precious as a gem
And for that I let him stay.

The fall is near,
and I could hear, his laugh, his angelic voice
My ears are happy to get his choice.

How I wish, this isn't just a dream,
The one who came into my thoughts last night
I wish it come true, him, standing in front of my eyes.
And I could hold him will all my might.

Just like the season changes, giving me the feeling of melancholic
how I wonder he could hold my hand and stand beside me
witnessing all those
what I see.

They say I drool over some fictional character
but little did they know.
he is the one that took my breath away
the one who saved me a while ago.
When I was on the verge of dispersing
when I had lost hope
He came in like a knight in shining armor
giving me a life with scope.

How can I let him go?
How can I let him know?
He is not real to others.
but he is real to me,  just like falling snow.
after a long time
Apr 2021 · 268
It's okay to be alone
Poppy Rusert Apr 2021
Why the **** did I loved you so hard
That it became hard to forget you?
Why the hell, we met on that day
And I gave my heart away when I shouldn't have let you?

Why on Earth is it like this
The more you love and care for one
The more they choose to torture you
and become of someone's

The ******* *******, tears of mine
Stop spreading
He isn't worth it, my dear
Stop caring.

" Someone who will truly love you
Will always find his way to you" They said
Why the **** did I found the wrong one
Why the hell did I break my own heart?

He simply walked off, as if nothing happened
I wonder if he could do the same
to someone he truly loved?
So, I told myself
Darling, Know your worth
Pen down your thoughts
Let the anxiety release
He is never coming back and it's okay
It's okay to be alone, rather than begging someone "Please"
smiling through the depression
Feb 2021 · 352
Finding Identity
Poppy Rusert Feb 2021
Darling don't worry be strong
Hold on
You will reach there
No matter how long
It takes, smiles up, cover-up
Be the one who never gives up
Put yourself before them
Be the change be the winner at the game
Be the one who motivates
Be the one who brings the change
I know it dark up there
I know how much hurt you were
But your smile is the best revenge
You see this world has never cared for the weakest
So stand up be the best
Past is past, it never gonna change
But trust me, darling, your success is the revenge
Someday when u reach up there
You look back and glare
You passed all the craps away
You smiled up and thanks to your bae
If you were never been left alone
If he was never gone
You would have never known
How valuable masterpiece you are
Trust, have faith be kind to be fair.
You found your identity that was long lost
In the world of someone else' desire
find yourself from the dark, rise up like a phoenix from the ashes.
Feb 2021 · 591
The One Who Love Him Next
Poppy Rusert Feb 2021
To the one who loves him next,
There are few things you should know first,
If you are taking him out for a fest,
You should know he doesn't love hard crust.
You must know that his sleeping habits are late nights,
And he likes it in a silent game,
If you ask its gonna be a tough fight,
know that he can't be tamed.
He loves his projects more than anything else
Sometimes he does the overtime.
Never consider yourself any less,
He is slow in adjusting the time.
His ambitions are high, visions are rare,
he follows his heart in the passion of art,
sometimes you may feel it's not fare
but don't try to hold, he is smart.
Know his style, know his life, know his heart,
though you may love him now,
but I loved him first.
I have cared and flourished him,
but you complete him now.
Don't judge my love for him
Coz for me, nothing could change to call him my last.
when I miss his habits, miss his presence, his smile, his scent, and I want to go back and hug him, but someone is caring for him now, she must know this, he is my first and last.
Feb 2021 · 77
Waking up
Poppy Rusert Feb 2021
I dreamt of us to hold,
But reality kicked me so bold.
I thought living in tales,
but truth showed me it fails.
I always thought my happiness
starts with you,
But guess what reality showed me,
To find my happiness in new.
I no longer get bothered by bad dreams,
Neither do I wake up and screams.
Yes, reality hits me hard,
But it also showed me the part,
The real love began with me,
I just need to open my eyes and see.
when you realize you are more important than anyone else
Feb 2021 · 1.2k
Poppy Rusert Feb 2021
I loved the wrong man,
Who never understood me.
I accepted all his flaws,
And he dares not to stand by me.

I got played by his lying heart,
He keeps hurting my soul and mind,
Still, I am a fool,
To stand by him by any kind.

I know I should have walked away
But his pretty face begged me to stay,
Everybody said I will regret this later,
But I trusted him, no matter.

Why does it hurt so much?
Why does it pain to death?
Why does it hurt to love the wrong person?
The prince, Who broke my faith?
Emotionally disturbed
Feb 2021 · 515
My Love for you
Poppy Rusert Feb 2021
You came into my life,
like autumn leaves,
you left me like that,
when I was in need.
You lied day by day,
that you loved me a lot,
Now did I know,
that you actually did not.

I was a time for you to pass,
Yet you make me believe what love was.
you make me dream of day and night,
but when I actually asked you to fight,
you denied.
you showed me the reason, I was the pain,
you never loved, nothing you gained.

yet I was a fool believing you,
sacrifice all I had into you,
you stand there and looked like the haze,
you told me, all this was a waste.
It was you, always was you,
and always will be,
but you make me realized,
past all these years,
was nothing meant to be.

So once I am gone,
you must know,
there was this girl,
who loved you,
with all she had, never lied,
she gave her heart,
she tried to fight.
Yet you left her hands,
to let her all alone.
you will understand,
once I am gone.
you :)
Feb 2021 · 1.3k
The Dairy Of A Girl
Poppy Rusert Feb 2021
I fell in love again,
This time it is so strong,
I never wanna let it go,
Nor I wanna turn it wrong

I am gonna keep your heart near my heart,
So that I could feel your breath beneath my skin,
I wanna feel the heat,
I want you to let me in,
The closer I get, the more I will know you,
You are the prince I am waiting for,
And I am the princess waiting for you,

The first look we exchanged,
The kiss we had,
It turned so strong,
I almost forgot my past,
I never felt the way I am feeling right now,
It's hard to explain when where and how?

Maybe I never understood the meaning of love before,
Now I know it's sweet, mercy, heaven, and more...
I want to give myself in
So can I trust you?
Can I trust that you will never break my heart?
That I gave you?
Will you be mine forever, just like my fairytale?
Just like the prince fell in love with the princess
Over over and again?
Do you promise to be mine, now, forever, and then?
This is a poem I wrote when I fell in love with my boyfriend
Jan 2021 · 474
Gazing Upon the Sky
Poppy Rusert Jan 2021
Starts with the cool wind
and the drizzle flows down
The heaven turns into grey
can you hear the cloud burst loud?
wondering where it came from and why
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.

he said; Hey! see the drench green layout
and hear the sprinkle falls around,
I looked here and there, and no one to be found,
wondering why did he say that and why
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.

In between the green, along with
the big cut down trees,
while the teeming street and the lawn
spread out with dry shredded leaves,
eyes met, and i swear they didn't lie,
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.

unending rain, thundercloud, remarkably beautiful
hopefully this creates a huge leisure pool
I chuckles and he sneeze,
and with the cold breeze,
we hoped we hold hands and fly,
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.
This is a poem regarding a day of me and my love with the nature

— The End —