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Oct 2021
Are you my reflection
just in a form of another?
cuz' you make me feel like
I am looking at myself without much bother

When in those freezing nights.
I needed a shoulder to rely on
I still remember.
How you took me into your embrace until the cold is gone.

They say you are just my imagination!!!
But if so. then why do I feel your touch?
Why those only nights don't feel like they should have?
How did your warmth melt me so much?

I know you only come at night
when I drift into those wonderful dreams
I know it isn't just lust, but the love I need.

Are you just my fiction?
then why do I see you as a part of my reflection?
Those marks you gave me
as a part of our love.
I will carry it with all my dignity
To proof us thereof.

I am left with my tears
Finding you in the broad daylight
I wish you could stay
without any fear

I wish I never had to let you go,
we could get stuck into a
fairytale or more.
I sigh, knowing it's all again just a dream. I woke up from.
is he just a dream?
Written by
Poppy Rusert  24/F/India
   MS Anjaan
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