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Poppy Rusert Feb 2021
To the one who loves him next,
There are few things you should know first,
If you are taking him out for a fest,
You should know he doesn't love hard crust.
You must know that his sleeping habits are late nights,
And he likes it in a silent game,
If you ask its gonna be a tough fight,
know that he can't be tamed.
He loves his projects more than anything else
Sometimes he does the overtime.
Never consider yourself any less,
He is slow in adjusting the time.
His ambitions are high, visions are rare,
he follows his heart in the passion of art,
sometimes you may feel it's not fare
but don't try to hold, he is smart.
Know his style, know his life, know his heart,
though you may love him now,
but I loved him first.
I have cared and flourished him,
but you complete him now.
Don't judge my love for him
Coz for me, nothing could change to call him my last.
when I miss his habits, miss his presence, his smile, his scent, and I want to go back and hug him, but someone is caring for him now, she must know this, he is my first and last.
Madalasapriya Jun 2020
When his eyes raised questions
I left with no more answers
He traced for my essence
Even when I was never with him

Calming was his heart
Every second he whispered my name
Doesn't look he forgot me
Even I wasn't with him

Such felt forever when
I met him after a long time
Doesn't he changed his love for me
Even I left him

My silence drove his instincts
I casually narrated him
but before he concluded anything
This time his silence told me one thing
" Will you be ever with me, Don't leave me
with an excuse  "
Silence between love do speak so much

— The End —