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Oct 2021
I look up at the sky
and I found it shining so bright.
It is nothing like the light
that dwells last night.

I can feel the summer heart,
the warmth I am wandering for.
Also, like the frozen lake,
Shiver down the spine he makes
I feel like the one with cold nights.

How amazing his thoughts are,
that dark majestic orbs,
his cold as ice looks, that people say it's rude.
Just like some tornado storms.

But only a few would know and see the real him,
that made my heart flutter like a loving realm
his cute smile, that can melt the ice,
his pout when he sleeps like little mice.

Like the spring that came into my life,
I wonder if I could tell him one day
His existence is precious as a gem
And for that I let him stay.

The fall is near,
and I could hear, his laugh, his angelic voice
My ears are happy to get his choice.

How I wish, this isn't just a dream,
The one who came into my thoughts last night
I wish it come true, him, standing in front of my eyes.
And I could hold him will all my might.

Just like the season changes, giving me the feeling of melancholic
how I wonder he could hold my hand and stand beside me
witnessing all those
what I see.

They say I drool over some fictional character
but little did they know.
he is the one that took my breath away
the one who saved me a while ago.
When I was on the verge of dispersing
when I had lost hope
He came in like a knight in shining armor
giving me a life with scope.

How can I let him go?
How can I let him know?
He is not real to others.
but he is real to me,  just like falling snow.
after a long time
Written by
Poppy Rusert  24/F/India
   MS Anjaan
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