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Nivine Nahli Mar 11
I feel so connected to the Moon,
It embodies the movement of time.
The Moon, it's so generous and full.
Similar to myself on my good days.  

Other nights, the Moon is inconspicuous.
It could be so small and meager.  
Always changing and illuminating the sky.
Cycling to fade back to nothing; just as I do.

This is why, I connect to the Moon.
Wether I'm vivid or dull, I'm worthy.
Even if you see me or you do not,
I'm here and I will conceive you

With my constant renewal of existence.

I am the Moon
The cycles, the phases, the rebirth.
Nivine Nahli Mar 11
I'm dubious,

I will never know what life brings for me.
Some days, I believe in my abilities and
Moments later, my other mind will interrogate me.
Who am I and what do I bring by existing?

I will never know since I'm so doubtful.
Doubtful of all the beautiful things in life.
Especially love, since I don't exist
To love anymore.  

If we're not here to love, what are we here for?
If we can barley live, why are we living after all.
Maybe one day I'll find my path,
But for now, I'll continue to be in a quandary.

changing, shifting, wondering.
Nivine Nahli Feb 9
There’s a pattern in our lives.
The moments where things are fine,
We forget to write and express our minds; 
Until the sad days come around.

When these sad days come around,
We search for ways to free our souls
From any darkness or any hurt
That we have to feel once again.  

Wishing these pattens of highs and lows
Wouldn’t come back again and again.
But what is a life, without hurt?
What is a life with pure joy?

Our happiness comes from sadness.
To feel happy, we must go through pain.
Believe it our not, it’s the steady game.
The game of life, the patterns

Of sadness and happiness always shifting.

There’s no middle ground.
Nivine Nahli Feb 7
Losing myself,
It’s no ones responsibility...

But my own.

Nivine Nahli Feb 3
I want to be alone,
I want to be far from everything
And everyone.  
My own safe place,

That I’ll never have.

Nivine Nahli Nov 2018
How does it feel, when he touches you?
Do you think of me by any chance?
Or does he give you everything that you need.
I want to know, if I race through your consciousness.

There's nothing that I want more,
But for you to be happy and satisfied.
You are a queen and you deserve,
All of the best things in life, given to you.

I've always been apprehensive
About not being abundant, which
Made me become cruel towards you.
I've demolished so much of us.

I wish you could forgive me.
Even though you belong to someone new,
I'll constantly be in need of you.
I want to give you more than what he can.

But is that a possibility?
I never admit my jealously,
Since you merit every bit of goodness
That he could give to you.

I want you to belong to me.
I'm afraid to think of,
All of the ways he can touch you
That I can't, or won't be able to.

And I know you're fixed,
Between two worlds right now.
But who is your heaven,
Who is your Earth?

Choose me.
Nivine Nahli Oct 2018
I’d rather be used than to be left alone.
I’ll let them fulfill their desires,
Sense all of their sensations,
While I put on an act.  

Every man will touch me in different ways,
But no one will make me feel the same.
Since my emotions are long gone,
Maybe this is the only way I will feel again.

I remind myself how sacred my body is,
Yet I let people walk all over it like
The trails in the parks.
It gives them joy and comfort,

But over time I will be the one
To decay and I will need to be replaced.
It’s hard to walk on the trails in the winter
Since it gets cold and dark so quickly.

People won’t want to stay very long.
But don’t worry, they’ll be coming back
Soon enough when everything starts
To blossom in the spring time.

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