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Nabarun Roy Apr 2017
I was with you for too much
that still you gave me no place
I have said too much to you
that everything I say now is just to be ignored
I have felt too much for you
That Everything feeling was meant to forget
I have put too much effort on you
that you stopped caring what I do
I have asked too much to you
That answering a single question is getting annoying
Except when I asked to leave
You found a reason to leave me,
Which you wanted for long,
But never said anything before directly
Just to wipe me out from inside
And I will die thinking
Die Thinking, and Die Thinking
With no achievements in life
Because of my foolishness I can see
I did for you,
Without any clue,
Though, You never gave any reason to them
Again and again.
I always got reasons to leave
And like a real fool Still Struggling
To find just one reason to hold things back,
And now, I am tired and just hoping for a reason
To hold you back again like before.
Nabarun Roy Mar 2017
I wanted to make her feel lively,
I though of presenting her something
But, I didn't know what to present
And I wasn't going ask her too
As I knew her reply,
What then?
Then I kept trying to present her something
Until she would find the perfect something.

Once, she may also feel to present something,
And will ask me,
I will say that I want nothing,
And throughout the life I will get hearty nothings,
While for trying to present her something
Perfect, I have given everything.
Nabarun Roy Feb 2017
I wish a world of followers
Following freely unlike the borrowers
With a free soul and nothing to lend
Hence, following no trend,
Then no one will fight
For a few choices of light
As everyone and everything
Has millions of light sources to cling
If they open their eyes
And close it at wrong time,
Trends are just created by people alike
To bring things away from life like,
You won't find everything alike your mind
Then why you choose a crap of such kind
Don't follow the trend
Don't make it the end
Follow the light
Which is bright in your mind.
Nabarun Roy Dec 2016
What does it take to
Change the world?
What does it take to
Make you answer
To all my questions
With no aggressions?

How much it will take to
Improve myself?
How much it will take to
Do the work
And change your mind
To make you see the world unlike a blind?

When things will start to
Go according to my dream?
When you all will start to
Treat each other with a cream
Keeping a smile always
Which forever stays ?

Where should I go to
Find a place unique?
Where should I go to
Start my trip
With a herd of sheep
And not having a relation cheap?

Why you act like
You act like you don't care about what I say?
Why you always get fooled by
Yourself, assuming your life is free
While seeling yourself with a price
By the Ellites, who just roll the dice.

Have you ever thought
About those question's birth?
How I always feel
About the people of earth?
I love you,
But It's not that I don't hate you.
To everyone of you :|
Nabarun Roy Nov 2016
The way I oppose
What everyone say,
The day I realised
That everyone pray,
Not to the god
But with a heart fraud
To someone superior
At first prior,
Like everyone wanna gain
Without any drain
This is what a human is
Catch a fish
And win a wish,

You Might have seen any falling star
Not so far
And did a wish,
Can you say what it is?
You will say no
Thats what I know
This is an example
Of human mind sample,
People define predefined myths
But never try to catch undefined facts,
The reason I fear
Is that they will change never ever,
Sorry if I went offtractk or off your mind
Ignore those lines like a blind
That will be so kind.
Suggest me a title if you can :P
Nabarun Roy Sep 2016
Do you know How I treat you?
In my mind, In my heart?
Complex answer which can't be cut,
Wherever my life goes
There you flow,
Every moment I find you,
My heart gets extra dimensions with no clue.
Then after things increased its dimensions to top
And my heart grew a single huge loving crop.
The way I promised the crop to never leave
It in any harsh field,
You are the crop, You are that love,
Whom I found as a blue dove.
Never loved you as a girlfriend
Though, I went to be your best friend.
Dove was blue, thing was different,
The mind is fluent.
And yeah, I loved you more than those
Relations and it was an unexampled love like a transparent rose.
Actually, I don't know anything about life
Let the ignorance and anger come which I can rife.
Let them flow like a stream
No one will mind, but the anger will go and finish like a sweet cream.
I though, we have got better than ionic bond
But actually it was just a weak Vander Waal Force around,
Things just broke
With a single wind stroke,
Just Left me thinking
The consequences,
If I had pretended, used the fertilizer
The crop wouldn't have left the heart
And this unmovable heart
Failed to treat, failed to understand, failed to live.
Curse me, I couldn't understand the feelings in the crop.
I have written this for my best friend xD When things went to a misunderstanding :/
Nabarun Roy Apr 2016
I am not a brave
Though I am living in a dark cave
Where I am drinking my fear,
Can you do me a favour?
Just give me a spark of light
Then only I may bear the night.

Waiting for another moon
Since seven nights and seven noons,
Searching for its spark
By piercing through Every way of my heart
But it's a trap, it is a labyrinth.
Where I am lost myself
And screaming to hell.

I wanna go home
To get rest from this roam
In the world of love,so called hate
Between these girls with bait,
Found no one to trust
But reasons to hate
Every human,every creature
And the God though....
Like I am no one.
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