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  Aug 2017 Violet Rose
there was an eclipse;
But not of blood orange
draped on a dazed moon.
'twas of my blood red
pulsing heart
accepting its solitude
in the shadow of yours.
  Aug 2017 Violet Rose
You eclipsed me like my moons,
In melted darkness I lie.
Suns gave away sheer,
My  lights gold you stole,
In Satined darkness,
your eclipse holds.

You eclipsed me like my moons,
Silver love you shined.
Cold whispers on curtains lingered,
Dusk you bring unto my eyes,
Here you eclipse,
in silence I sigh!

You eclipsed me like my moons,
I smell lilies bloom on my sheets.
Lifting the eclipse you,
You rise to leave,
Promising new suns you would,
again set in my eyes....

You eclipsed me like my moons*....
Spending thousand suns and moons ,
Lay worthless to your one sight!
Violet Rose Mar 2017
A distant melody hums softly, sweetly in my head
Chords like flowers on an ocean's wave
A tune will put weary thoughts to rest
But will leave lingering in nothing left

Memories captured in restless frames
Wavering under strings and plains
Lightning cries a holistic mess
Melancholia rains the same

But in this song carries shadow
A harmony of lilacs and ravens flow
A bird swings softly, sweetly save
An eternal clock sorrow ticking slow

So the ocean's wave mellows under red
When light fades and twilight grows
La música de la vida draws its thread
Humming softly, sweetly until death
March 31st, 2017 - 9:48
  Mar 2017 Violet Rose
The hollows of cheeks

wrung with shadows,

indrawn for the honesty

of betrayal.

Moist eyes slurp their skull

to spermy glints.

Down to the gospel of flesh

and bone, they read silently

to one another:

everything is one...and you

are alone.
  Mar 2017 Violet Rose
~Before there was a first for anything,

sound cleared its throat, to wet the Ocean.

Heavenly bodies had the *** of souls, that

came into themselves through the ******

of space.

Naked as what came along, as naked as what

came along...unlayered by mentation.

The purest and smoothest drafts, drafting

nakedness as the only symbol of arrival.

These gods and goddesses that kickstarted

the will of Will itself.

Are unendingly chanted first and foremost

of sound, enchanted to meet anything~
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