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Graff1980 Mar 2017
Check out the lights
Let transcend the heights
Of my own imagination
Past garbled salt water
Part boiling mermaid daughters
Asinine aliens
Magic beings
Mystics and monks
Praying to
Diaphanous demons
A Virile and vain vampire
Dating a sparkling tree spirit
A wretched wizard
Hanging with Witty Warlocks
And Witches in weird wardrobes
A Wicked werewolf
Alluring angels
Naughty Gnomes
Teasing tiny
Pretty pixies and
Frightened fairies
An Unlucky unicorn
Being chased by
Dangerously daring dark dragon
Greedy goblins grabbing gleaming gold
Goofy Gargoyles
Glad handing
Gorgeous goddesses
And a cranky Kraken
Staring at a sickeningly sultry siren
Sitting on a salty sea stone
Trying to eat an enlightened elf
A leprechaun laughing
At a ***** hobbit
Who is trying to ****
A hairy and hostile dwarf
All stream lined in time
Put on a perfect pause
Cause they don’t do anything
They are just fake figurines
Cardboard cutouts
Pretty poems and portrait
Painting in my mysterious mind
Broken Dec 2016
I used to believe in fairy-tales
Before my face bore all these scars
Before most of my heartbeats were broken
And I locked what was left behind bars

I used to believe in true love
Before true love stopped believing in me
Before I was thrown in a prison of memory
As she walked away with the key

I used to believe I was Prince charming
I would slay the dragon and save the day
Then I took a good look in the mirror
And I saw the beast lived in my face

I used to believe in happily ever after
It will would turn out alright you'll see
Then my own fairy tale lay broken
And in fairy-tales I no longer believed
Ravanna Dee Sep 2016
They were greek mythologies;
Of a Trojan horse and forbidden love.
They were fairy tales;
Of shining armor and pure white gloves.
They were the end and the beginning.
Of a child’s book told time and again.
And they were all just stories.
Believed in,
until they were forgotten…
Yet, still beautiful while they lasted.
They were.
Sam Hain Mar 2015
The ballerina's pirouette:
   This is the little triolet.
Within a faëry scene and set
The ballerinas pirouette
To a limpid midnight minuet
   In Thumbelina-esque ballet.
The ballerina's pirouette:
   This is the little triolet.

Harvey Jones Dec 2014
We've all been molested
By time and space

The lovers have problems
With keeping their place

A head filled with toxins
Colours, fairy tales

They teach us that men
Can make a home inside whales

My message is simple
Don't stand near train tracks

Though everyone does it
So it's time to relax

Speculations of pain
Hurt me enough

Weak to the core
Though I'm told that we're tough
From a song of mine, entitled 'Blue'.
Missy Oct 2014
laughter carried on a frosted breeze
kisses imprinted on blushed cheeks

fingerprints trace carved letting
in childish acclamation of our future engagement

whispers chiming through close eardrums
smiles opening into an unbound love

footprints lead towards new adventures unseen
where doors lock and giggles can be heard

darling, you are my euphoria
my highs in my uneventful life

dares to defy our love
unbroken promises in impossible feats attempted

our love only written in fairy tales
comes to life before our naked eyes

kiss me softly, if you please
i promise there are no times greater than these

— The End —