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Lovey Apr 2016
You've got your head in the clouds.
Your slowing drowning out.
You've spent you're life time stuck in a bubble to conform.
You've been forced to spend the entire time being silenced.
Being shut up, for the hell whom?
Who can know your story if you always shut up and keep quite.
Perfect, you want to be perfect?
Sweetheart you seen a robot I'm sorry to break it to you.
You have feelings treat them as gold.
You know what life feels like. Take that as you're treasure.
Why be stuck in a constant circle of being tossed around but thinking you aren't good enough cause you are actually human. You aren't perfect? No you haven't sold out to the society game. Don't be 'perfect', your wonderful,why become so fearful?
Each person on this world is another stroke of paint on the canvas, we mix well with some,and some just become runny and run through you.
So now, does a butterfly stay in one place for its entire life? Or does it show its color everywhere?-Lovey
Lovey Apr 2016
We all live life.
Life is a short way of saying you got you're self in a roller coaster.
Some parts are scary,some part make us smile,some parts make us scream,some parts make us dizzy.
We go up and down.
But do any of you know,you can smile when everyone else is screaming?
It's ok to step out and now he pushed down cause others aren't happy.
Break the ******* roller coaster and make your own.
We all get dizzy and fall down but dizziness goes away. We stop screaming. We get over fears and stop being scared. But you truly never can stop being happy.
You sometimes temporarily lose what it's like and that's ok.
You can't be happy all the time or you'll get bored.
We have to be sad to miss being happy.
Lovey Apr 2016
It takes pain, sadness,tears to be any good at writing.
Whenever we are happy how many people actually write as deep?
We don't.
When you cry for hours, you think of the perfect words to make someone listen.
Actually listen to your story.
How many are 'happy' but actually lost their story?
In the world, you could cry in the street and everyone would look at you as if your crazy or walk on by.
So how do you know, if a person didn't just give up.
Every where is a competition on being seen,actually heard and helped.
Lovey Apr 2016
Every season passes by with time.
We have our seasons of love,our seasons or pain,our seasons of confusion on wether we are happy or wanting to cry,and our seasons of finally smiling.
We go through our year over and over again,and just carry on.
But whom all realizes every season they've become stronger. You've learned to trust,you've learned to love,you've learned to cry,you've learned to forgive,you've learned to stand up and smile once more. You'll learn in time each seasons different,each year. You'll learn to accept being vurnable, you'll learn to fall even when you don't want to,you'll learn how to be strong,you'll learn to say no and to let go,you'll learn to accept you are not perfect,and you'll understand no one is. You'll get the fact everyone has a past,you'll become to understand we mess up time after time,you'll learn to let the guarded wall on your heart down,you'll come to terms of being ok if you get heartbroken it isn't the end of the world. You'll find out what living a little is. It's gonna be just fine if you go out with someone and break up,that's sometimes a good thing,you figure out who's right for you and whom you'll love forever eventually. You'll learn it's ok to be happy when others are not. You'll know that you are yourself and you are one person,you don't have to carry everyone's weight around you choose too. It will be ok if you adventure out on your own. It will be just fine to live on your own and know who you are. It's also just fine to be friends with those who carry you down but you'll learn to put the sheild on going down with them. Always remember you choose each day if you'll open the blinds and light in or keep them closed and be in them dim light of things.-Lovey
Lovey Oct 2015
I told a woman her child died. I told a mother her child will never be there again. I told a mother the bright beautiful dreaming girl she raised and watched grow is no longer breathing. I broke a persons soul. I told a father her princess died. I broke their soul as well. I made a promise to keep this princess alive and stand by her side no matter how much she hurt me, no matter how much she hated me at times, she wanted to **** near **** me and my friends, but I loved her. She smiled so delightly, she passed through days so peacefully. She wasn't sad truthfully she wasn't. I knew her like the back of my hand I knew every little sign every little thing about her. She wasn't sad entirely. No one can truthfully say they aren't sad deep down about something. But ive come to learn a thought, a thought of death, a thought of blood dripping down your arms, a thought of curiousity of who would care. Sometimes that thought that urge the need to find out is all it takes. The princess of my life. The light tk the worst times ever. Shes gone, no sign, no pulse, no hint of why. Her pale skin is ice. Her eyes are closer. Her hair is on the side. Her wrist on her waist. Her feet turned to the side. She fell, she fell to the ground. Her sweet voice is gone. She was a dreamer, a dreamer who actually made the dreams come true. She made life an ok thing. I don't know many who cant say she could rebuild the world if it fell. A strong girl died. A wonderious princess fell. I told the mother this princess has simply died.. The promise I made so much while ago became a thing to pursue blame. To tell a mother her child died. Well it haunts you for ever. You never get back the thing you are so delighted to have in your life. Its like ripping your life you made away from you and crushing it. Its torture.. Having a child die is one thing, having the child be yours. That's your death right there you don't life after that its only pure death from then on. The blame will mostly forever be put on me. Because of a promise I couldn't keep. But a little thing the princess taught me. Show your pain even if your high titled or looked up to cause what's a good hero with no emotion or realism. -Lovey
The most brightest girl died from suicide yesterday. Lyla will forever be missed.
Lovey Sep 2015
Mindless time can pass by us without us knowing.
Mindless time doing mindless things.
We waste time so easy.
We let a thing we think is just there.
Go by mindlessly.
Time. It is precious
Time is our key.
Why are people so blind. You mindless time of texting doing whatever other thing.
Is the time you change your life.
Time is an infinite thing right?
Yes but not for one person.
One person does not hold infinite time.
It'll never be there.
Time last on and on yes.
But a person doesn't.
Time comes at a price, Yes it is a thing that is there forever.
But why waste precious time?
You are a simple human.
You are not the works of the universe.
You are a person controlled by the universes ways.
You have choices with your time.
But the universe still takes its play.
The universe is the master of the time your the one playing the game.
So instead of mindless time.
Use the time to become the best **** thing you can be.
Become your dream.
Time gives us the chance.
To prove every single thing someone says is impossible can be done.
Every impossibility is the things we need to be.

Lovey Aug 2015
What happens when.
You wake up.
And forget everything.
You have no sense of who you are.
People tell you who are.
Tell you people you should know.
But you dont...
What happens when you relive every thing.
Is it all happening then?
Or is it a memory.
Is this pain from now?
Or is it from the past?
Is this hurt and pain and want and urge of death.
From now?
Is this unbareable craving of pain, the want to cut youself.
How do you know.
Whats recent and from the past..
What happens when you lose all control.
What happens when you want to die.
What happens when your in so much pain.
No one can see they need to let you go..
No one but one knows your pain.
One person, has the same pain.
What happens when you lose all want to live..
Why is everyone blind.
I am in to much pain to go on?
You wake up clueless of who you are.
Just knowing, every little memory re living it.
No one knows how bad you want to end.
No one knows the pain.
Of reliving ever little time ive been *****.
Of reliving the death of the person you loved.
Of reliving your molestation.
reliving watching your daughter die.
Reliving your hell.
No one knows...
No ones knows the pain..
What happens when you love the pain of the blood falling down your wrist again.
What happens when you want to give up?
Are you gonna be forced to live a life.
To fake your hell is not killing you already.
To fake you have a soul.
I lost my lit up heart it died with the ashes.

You are cursed with a never ending life.
Some would love this.
But why love a life.
When your accused of killing.
Your accused of a ****** you simply didnt do.
When your taken from every great thing.
When your sole purpose is to watch the people you love die.
When you watch people like casey
Blame themself.
for deaths.
death the didnt have anything to do with.
When you know they didnt.
They dont know they **** you more.
The pain from others.
**** every hope you have of a soul.
J lee died.
And the one thing i loved more than life.
Blames him own self.
A death destroyed him.
Not 47.
Ive seen 47.
How destroyed must i be?
Does anyone know my pain?
Do they?
No one has lived my life.
Everyone would die in my shoes.
I cry.
But think how the hell strong i am.
To even consider loving you all enough to stay.
So next time you doubt me.
Think of that.
Think of why the hell i'd stay for something i hated.
If i am alive.
In a life i cant wait to ******* end..
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