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Jul 12 · 88
say thank you
zoe Jul 12
Say thank you to those you loved who left you
Smile and thank bad days when life seems to be on the wrong path
Thank your worst deceptions and failures
Thank the place that is throwing you out
And the coldness that is pushing you away
You are getting warmer
Closer to where you are supposed to be.
A little motivational speech from someone who is pressing reset on life and starting again somewhere new.
May 18 · 405
zoe May 18
Despairing pain
Weights in your lungs
Rhythmically know
You can numb it
May 16 · 1.2k
zoe May 16
I see the lights through the window
Forming shapes in your ceiling
We lie in bed and you look at me
You don't say what you are thinking
But you smile and get closer.

I hear the traffic through my window
Keeping me awake till late at night
Too late to say what I was thinking
That time I wanted to stay
But left anyway.
May 16 · 361
zoe May 16
I can still hear you teasing me
When I'd steal your cigarettes
I only smoked with you
And I miss smoking.
Jan 8 · 1.1k
zoe Jan 8
One day you will be
A five-minute memory
That fades away
When the music ends.
Nov 2018 · 748
don't overthink
zoe Nov 2018
Did I take that text the wrong way?
Am I imagining the feeling when we kissed?
If you liked me you would text every day
If you wanted me you would chase
I hate these stupid games
I want so much more than the wait
I am dancing in my room alone
I want to be Lorelai Gilmore
I want to work better on my own.
Nov 2018 · 1.5k
zoe Nov 2018
We pick fights
Childishly screaming
And we laugh
Spilling drinks on the floor
Sneaking glances in the crowd
I drunkly smile
Nov 2018 · 545
zoe Nov 2018
It is too late to sing
‘Wish you were here’
At the park in early spring
Under rainfall and bad covers.
It is too late to ride bikes
To race by the river trail
Fast through flashlights
A thousand stars beneath us.
It is too late to write
About signs and fights
In the drunken crowds
Too late to see a light
I blame this darkened room
Songs, sights, sarcasm, you.
Sep 2018 · 343
zoe Sep 2018
Loud noises in the room are galaxies away
The waves of color on the wall paralyzed me
I lie my head next to them, unsurprised
I hear unfamiliar voices asking ‘why don’t you go for it’
I don't believe in anything anymore
Not the words I pretend not to listen
Not the forms on the wall
Not the green spots in your eyes
I stand in the same place, wanting
Without moving a finger to grab it.

— The End —