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the beautiful
of swirling skies
and pretty tea
the unparalleled
of human minds
and what they dream
the dizzying
of both in time
and history
Day 5 of NaPoWriMo.
 Oct 2014 kavisha shah

I miss you but I don't know who you are
Want to touch you but you're just so very far

You visit my dreams but we've never even met
It's where I always tell you how much we could have meant

Imagining your scent I close my eyes and slowly inhale
Fantasising of the sunset into which we could sail

The taste of your lips is a memory I'm waiting to have
Yet all the time wishing it's one I'd already had

Will your embrace, I wonder, ever be mine to steal?
Feeling your warmth, mending this heart that needs to heal

I'll hold this dream in my mind so tight and so very close
One day maybe you'll come true! I'll pray, and who knows?


Something is missing from deep inside but will I ever know?
Tell me where you are and to this place I will surely go

Within my dreams there's a place that feels so very real
A gentle voice in the beautiful distance mirrors the way I feel

The scent of Jasmine reminds me of a face I've never met
My heart remains loyal and my mind is already set

Full lips, I imagine, leaving 'lust' as a subtle taste
I reach out to caress you but lose the memory of your face

It's like you've already held me but left the imprint on my heart
I would readily begin searching if I knew just where to start

This fantasy, visiting only at night, will stay with me 'til death
and when I leave this earth, your name will fall upon my fragile breath
This is about 2 people dreaming of their soul mate. They haven't met but are waiting and dreaming about each other.
Take a deep breath
And close your eyes
Images comes rushing
You thought may have faded
From the memory
Yet, they now come back
Where had they been?
Hiding, when the eyes were open
Now in silence
You start reliving those events
You were a part of
Marred with sadness or
Joyous moments you cherished
Take a long breath
You are overwhelmed
With the rush of images
So profound
Yet, you were not aware
With eyes open
But they had been locked away
And closing your eyes
You looked inward
Unlocking the secret vault
It’s quite a time
When the mind goes berserk
Creating a turmoil
In the usual life of yours
A small storm
Which rocked the boat
Images are profound
What we know is much less than what is waiting to be known
A smile attracts a smile
Two hearts
At a confluence
Holds true
Hand in hand
Moments stroll away
Lips speak volumes
When souls meet
The upheavals
Inside me
Hold hands
Of words
And flow
With vigor
The pen
Breaks barriers
Between me
And paper
My feelings
Writ on paper
I lose a
Part of me
Always looking around
Every day events unfold
In front of our eyes
And beyond
World is spacious
Abode for us
Why things happen
As they do
Why not any other way
Do we know all
Or, are we in the know at all
What we try to find
May not be there after all
We are on the fringes
Yet to be in the core
Are we afraid of depth
Or think it’s an abyss
Where we will get lost
We look around
Yet we can’t see
What eludes our senses
Just a thought
For us to keep looking
We maybe mirroring it
Without knowledge
Time stands still for no man

Stop the train ! I want to get off !
If I can't be anything more
Then let me scold and let me scoff
Please now just open up the door

Your pretentious pretensions
Pause and place me inbetween
Take your dreams and nightmares too
I see the truth there in your gleam

Let me off at the next stop , please !
Just let me debark from this strife
I have no need of solicitations
From the perpetrators in my life

Just back away from your misgivings
Keep them all for yourself
I have no use for the falsehoods
So put your book back on the shelf
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