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1.4k · Jul 2014
Forever Young At Heart..
kavisha shah Jul 2014
On yellowed pages
This story told
Sublime as dreams
The tale unfolds

                     A heart of mischief
                     A man of rules
                     Defying the norms
                Not found ranking in fools

As bright as the day
Seductively dark as the night
The lady's guarded heart
Was worth the fight

                   Lives intervined intricate
               Two silken strands of rope
                  Destiny's irrfutable call?
            Or a blossoming love's hope?

An ageless melody
Souls enclosed in a time-wrap
The beauty of ever flowing love
A hidden treasure without a map

                 The secret laid bare
                  In between yet far apart
                 The message sent between the  lines
                  Be forever young at heart
942 · Jul 2014
kavisha shah Jul 2014
Such an enigma is Nature
Her love soothing as spring's gentle rain
Her wrath hotter than lava

So selfless is her soul
Showering her bounty as season's pass on
Her arms,open forever, lending

Little are her heart's desires
To be loved and cherished by all
Taken for granted, forever doomed by greed
875 · Jul 2014
kavisha shah Jul 2014
The story of our lives

May not tell the sweet tales of our love

Meandering on the pages,
    Down the memory lanes,
        Leading to where our destiny strives..

But the yellowed parchment of my book

Where the tale of you and me unfolds

Will always be bookmarked,
     By the blush of your rose,
         Forever pressed in its nook...
806 · Sep 2014
Drifting Away
kavisha shah Sep 2014
Do you ever wonder
Sitting in the lonely nights
Does your heart ponder
The outcome had we not surrendered to the fight?

To think we set two sails
Reaching out to a common destiny
No wonder we did fail
The thread interwining our lives was faulty

Our love wasn't strong enough
To brave the turbulent seas
It should have been tough
But withered away as the autumn leaves

And then we reached the parting place
Where the currents directed us in different ways
As much as we tried to hold on
Atlast we just drifted away
782 · Jul 2014
A Lifetime Of Valentines
kavisha shah Jul 2014
A lifetime of Valentines
Have passed by us
And a lifetime of them remain
Having you here, right by my side
I would live them all again

The roller coaster of life
Was no fun
Untill you came along for the ride
Since then it was a smooth one all along
A few bumps thrown in in the side

The sum of all kisses
Would be hard to find
But I still remember the first one
The softness and the sweetness of your lips
Under the golden February sun

Your hand in mine
is all I want
As I did all those years ago
The gentle strength of them is the force
That helped me face life's brutal blows

A harmony of the sweetest music
We created between us
A song that soothes the soul
The melody of your heart's beats
Was the one to fill my heart's hole

I promised to support you
In sickness and in health
To protect and cherish you
Till death do us apart
Those promises, today, I renew

As I gaze back
On the lifetime of Valentines that have passed us by
And all those that remain
Having you here,by my side
I would love to live them love, all again
712 · Oct 2014
A Picture of You
kavisha shah Oct 2014
A picture of you caught me off guard
It felt like a dream, this story of ours
The silence stretched, we drifted apart
And now, I am left with memories, maybe a farce

A picture of you caught me off guard
Looking at you, wondering what you looked like then
Details fade away, like an oft-seen postcard
And now, I am fighting to remember you, my friend

A picture of you caught me off guard
I had stored away, away from my heart
That sweet smile was like a noise, screeching and loud
And now, I lay in silence, yearning for a new start
I wrote this last night..and I am not very sure about this piece as it is something I wrote after almost 8months of writing nothing. Still it just came out so I was compelled to write it. Hope this opens opens up the door of words and poems that has been shut for quite sometime now.
705 · Jul 2014
The Lullaby Of Loneliness
kavisha shah Jul 2014
The lullaby of loneliness
Envelopes you in the dead of sparkly nights
Gazing up at the unchanging constellations
You crash down from its dizzing musical heights

The lullaby of loneliness
Alone forms the haunting lament
Springs forth from the deepest recess of your heart
Giving away isolation's uncaptured scent

The lullaby of loneliness
Day in and day out, I'll sing it to you
If only in return for the beautiful melancholy
You would fill up my heart, where it first grew

The lullaby of loneliness
    Remains elusive forever
        To so very few..
666 · Jul 2014
kavisha shah Jul 2014
Standing still
Looking to your fill
As life hurtles around
Change the only thing profound

Every minute
Every moment
Something is different
Yet everything so very same

Set in bronze
The sitting man gathers dust
Staring through unblinking eyes
Changing as he rusts

One day
So different from the other
Changes bursting at the seams
Dreaming different dreams

Experiencing the high
And the very low
Understanding our bond
That everyday grows

Change is unpredictable
It is inevitable
It creeps into the life with a snug fit
There is something just unchangeable about it.
648 · Jul 2014
Why Regret?
kavisha shah Jul 2014
Why do we burden our hearts
With all those weights of guilt
Of regrets etched so deeply in our souls
Rushing towards the darkness we ourselves built

Why do we regret
Those shattered dreams
When new ones can be sought
Endlessly in our mind's realms

Why do we regret the loss
Of friendships fading away in the chaos
They were chapters of life's book
Ending with every milestone we cross

Why do we regret the decisions
Made on an impulse, without a care
On the train to our destinies
A few unplanned detours we are bound to fare

Why regret the life we lived
Upon reaching the end
Mayhap we'll live it differently,given a second chance
But the Maker's laws for us will never bend
598 · Jul 2014
I Am..
kavisha shah Jul 2014
I have hopes,
I have dreams,
I want to fly high,
I want to swim deep,
I speak many languages,
Of love, peace and silence,
I have been crushed many times,
Yet I get up everytime bearing the bruises,
I give u birth,
And at death,
I am the one you melt in,
I am a vortex of emotions,
I am your shore in a storm,
I am simply.... a woman!!
575 · Jul 2014
A Fairy Called Time
kavisha shah Jul 2014
Look, there she is...flying away
That fairy with her pearly gossamer wings
I tried to imprint her in stone and clay
But she just refuses to be bound by strings

The History is splattered with her fame
Can you then guess her brilliant name?
It goes in rhyme with rhyme
Yes, her name is Time

She is fickle, she has no plan
Yet she won't wait for any man
Howmuch ever you fight and fret
Once she is gone you are bound to regret

So as long as you have her, make a wish
Mayhap she will shower you with a kiss
She has lived through the ages
Her tales have filled up eons of pages

To keep her you have to be wise
Oh she is a fairy, she can be nice
She can wave her magic wand
And put the world in your hand!

So look there she is...again flying away
That fairy with her pearly gossamer wings
No, don't imprint her in stone or clay
She is too beautiful to be bound by strings!
549 · Apr 2015
Unfurling Infinities
kavisha shah Apr 2015
They always raced
The only visible universe- the finish line
Crunching seconds of sweat
They left broken cities
And brittle skyscrapers in their wake

Scraped knobby knees
Caressed the precipice-
Little woven infinities passed
They gazed at the stars below
Fire lighting their feet
452 · Sep 2014
Do Me A Favor And..
kavisha shah Sep 2014
Let your words flow
Like a river full of dreams
Let those thoughts glow
As ethereal as the moonbeams

Let your heart love
Like the gentlest kiss
Let the emotions grow
To give the gift of the sweetest bliss

Let those soft lips curve
To form the brightest smile
See the world swerve
In a blast of colors for awhile

Set yourself free
Like the birds in the sky
Feel on your cheek the breeze
As heavenward you fly..
439 · Jul 2014
A Short Poem
kavisha shah Jul 2014
The red of broken hearts
Looks so beautiful, splattered on the canvas
Of life's barren wintry whiteness
408 · Jul 2014
You Are A Hero
kavisha shah Jul 2014
Wake up everyday
Face the troubles
Win or lose the battle
Get up to yet another struggle

Live a little today
Unnoticed by those around
But you are a hero
Everyday as you are homebound

Its in fairytales
That heroes always win
You live a reality
Where at dawn a new battle begins

Don't lose hope
When failure stares at you
You are born a hero
Not thwarted by lost wars, few
331 · Jul 2014
Life In The Fast Lane
kavisha shah Jul 2014
Grab a cup of coffee
Jump on the freight train
Get on with the working spree
Slowing down, the only deed to be refrained

Life here, in the fast lane
Doesn't get better than this
Money, the only thing to gain
The key to eternal bliss

Here the days and nights blend in
Forming an unbreakable cycle
This rollercoaster rolls in a constant tailspin
For this unstoppable ride, you better buckle

"Run! Run! Run!"
The word that drives the minds
"Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!"
Is the magical spell that binds

Friends and foes are lost in speed
The colors never set, they are all a blur
In this fast lane, no one pays heed
Even as towards devastation they are hurled.
316 · Jul 2014
For A While..
kavisha shah Jul 2014
Let me breathe
    For a while
     The cloying air of depression will choke me
       All too soon

Let me see through eyes of youth
    For a while
      They will be jaded and blurred
         All too soon

Let me touch this fragile beauty
    For a while
        These hands will be shaking
           All too soon

Let me dream
    For a while
       I'll wake up to reality
         All too soon

Let me hold this day to my heart
    For a while
      Tomorrow will hurtle down
         All too soon

Let me be
    For a while
      I'll have to join the crowd
         All too soon

Let me live
    For a while
       This short life will be over
          All too soon

Let me fail
    Just this once
       I'll be fighting for success
          All too soon

Let me...
             For a while..

— The End —