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kavisha shah Apr 2015
They always raced
The only visible universe- the finish line
Crunching seconds of sweat
They left broken cities
And brittle skyscrapers in their wake

Scraped knobby knees
Caressed the precipice-
Little woven infinities passed
They gazed at the stars below
Fire lighting their feet
kavisha shah Oct 2014
A picture of you caught me off guard
It felt like a dream, this story of ours
The silence stretched, we drifted apart
And now, I am left with memories, maybe a farce

A picture of you caught me off guard
Looking at you, wondering what you looked like then
Details fade away, like an oft-seen postcard
And now, I am fighting to remember you, my friend

A picture of you caught me off guard
I had stored away, away from my heart
That sweet smile was like a noise, screeching and loud
And now, I lay in silence, yearning for a new start
I wrote this last night..and I am not very sure about this piece as it is something I wrote after almost 8months of writing nothing. Still it just came out so I was compelled to write it. Hope this opens opens up the door of words and poems that has been shut for quite sometime now.
kavisha shah Sep 2014
Let your words flow
Like a river full of dreams
Let those thoughts glow
As ethereal as the moonbeams

Let your heart love
Like the gentlest kiss
Let the emotions grow
To give the gift of the sweetest bliss

Let those soft lips curve
To form the brightest smile
See the world swerve
In a blast of colors for awhile

Set yourself free
Like the birds in the sky
Feel on your cheek the breeze
As heavenward you fly..
kavisha shah Sep 2014
Do you ever wonder
Sitting in the lonely nights
Does your heart ponder
The outcome had we not surrendered to the fight?

To think we set two sails
Reaching out to a common destiny
No wonder we did fail
The thread interwining our lives was faulty

Our love wasn't strong enough
To brave the turbulent seas
It should have been tough
But withered away as the autumn leaves

And then we reached the parting place
Where the currents directed us in different ways
As much as we tried to hold on
Atlast we just drifted away
kavisha shah Jul 2014
Such an enigma is Nature
Her love soothing as spring's gentle rain
Her wrath hotter than lava

So selfless is her soul
Showering her bounty as season's pass on
Her arms,open forever, lending

Little are her heart's desires
To be loved and cherished by all
Taken for granted, forever doomed by greed
kavisha shah Jul 2014
A lifetime of Valentines
Have passed by us
And a lifetime of them remain
Having you here, right by my side
I would live them all again

The roller coaster of life
Was no fun
Untill you came along for the ride
Since then it was a smooth one all along
A few bumps thrown in in the side

The sum of all kisses
Would be hard to find
But I still remember the first one
The softness and the sweetness of your lips
Under the golden February sun

Your hand in mine
is all I want
As I did all those years ago
The gentle strength of them is the force
That helped me face life's brutal blows

A harmony of the sweetest music
We created between us
A song that soothes the soul
The melody of your heart's beats
Was the one to fill my heart's hole

I promised to support you
In sickness and in health
To protect and cherish you
Till death do us apart
Those promises, today, I renew

As I gaze back
On the lifetime of Valentines that have passed us by
And all those that remain
Having you here,by my side
I would love to live them love, all again
kavisha shah Jul 2014
Standing still
Looking to your fill
As life hurtles around
Change the only thing profound

Every minute
Every moment
Something is different
Yet everything so very same

Set in bronze
The sitting man gathers dust
Staring through unblinking eyes
Changing as he rusts

One day
So different from the other
Changes bursting at the seams
Dreaming different dreams

Experiencing the high
And the very low
Understanding our bond
That everyday grows

Change is unpredictable
It is inevitable
It creeps into the life with a snug fit
There is something just unchangeable about it.
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