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Jude M Salazar Dec 2017
Hold on tight dear friends
For if you let go, good bye
The crowd is too strong
Jude M Salazar Apr 2016
Oh child, goodbye
For they wish for you leave
Oh woman, stand strong
  Feb 2016 Jude M Salazar
Cat Fiske
I have read so many wonderful poems,
haiku's, 10 words, so many more, and none are alike!
But we tend to forget about spoken word poems,
Hello Poetry, can you make it possible to share our spoken words as well as our massive pile on's of endless poetry. Spoken Words would add to the sight, and only make it better.
I wish I could also Use Hellopoetry on my mobile phone, in an app,
I'm not sure about anyone else, but that would maybe add to HP

Please consider what I've had to say, c:
Please send repost like and share and comment anything else you think the sight needs since it's growing in great ways. Please share and like if you agree c:
Jude M Salazar Dec 2014
Oh precious baby
Blanketed in dirt and sun
Watered with my tears
Jude M Salazar Dec 2014
I bring you a message,  one simple and true

Want what is real, not plenty but few

You shouldn't look past such small events

To absorb every scene, all the colors, all the scents

See yourself change while time passes by

The times that you live, the times that you cry

Little do we acknowledge small parts of our lives

Things that have no meaning but are sharp as knives

In some cases, we will never see the things

Life will still go on, even if you miss the message this poem brings
Everything  starts with a begining
Jude M Salazar Nov 2014
You shameful lady
Upon your back, stains of sin
Red for all to see
  Nov 2014 Jude M Salazar

I wish for the star to shine,
Yet it won’t glow for me,

© Pax
I just needed to release this, I feel so sad, so tired right now...
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