There are stories under the old soles of your scuffed Adidas,
The ones that tip-toed around the water where your brother and sister splashed
Cautious, before jumping in with your fears aside.
Because in the time of royal purple nails and crowns of permed hair, you were a queen

Your dog died when you were sixteen, and you cried like you were six
You buried him in the excuse for the backyard, which was a patch of dirt that hid its nudity with a modest covering of turf
His corpse was lowered there feet deep, because dogs don't deserve human honors
But you didn't remember that day through your tears.

Put a lock on your heart and one on the liquor cabinet
Because you’ve been known to stray in morals
But they loved you anyways
Family loves family, family sticks together
And they break apart with a flick of a wrist

You were the girl with stars behind her eyelids and a galaxy in her soul
You were the universe and I was nothing more than a single cell
I didn’t know that stars shined brightest before they collapsed
Yet we still supernovaed together.

Soles of souls, scuffed Adidas and your fire hydrant hymnal, speak to me of the city streets where we ran free
Dream of me in your sleep, remember the childhood
And how your shoes recall every moment.

My childhood was sunshine,
summer days,
It was yellow dandelion, carpet lawn
and endless blue and green
as far as I could see
standing on my tiptoes
on a swing in the backyard
jumping down onto smooth soft summer grass
in the flat calm ivy-colored sea

It was stars on the night sky
like stars on my ceiling,
hair floating up around me with my dreams,
pulling me out the open window
into air,
into indigo,
into midnight blue, nail-polish painted sky
on the sweet-smelling cedar easel,
in the dark room,
where I come sometimes
to touch the beginning with butterfly-soft fingers

My childhood was hide and seek,
shut up in closets,
yelling tag you’re it,
as it touched board game movers
and pushed them
around boards colored like rainbows
that I rode around the world
and into the universe

Now my childhood is two yellow foam blocks
asking me,
but I don’t know why it’s gone
or where it’s gone to,
all I know is that I’m not ready,
but here I come

Razan Qaisi Feb 28

I promise my child
life is not all bad.
So, lay your weary head down
and dream of tomorrow.
You'll see for yourself
a new day will come,
and hope will rise along with the sun.

Mak Waddle Jan 18

Don't forgive me because I cried
Don't forgive me "even though" I lied
Don't forgive me because I'm a kid
Don't forgive because you could've done what I did
Allow me to face my consequences
Let me adapt to my circumstances
Don't allow me my relapses
Let me feel guilt in my synapses
Please don't forgive me because I apologized
Please don't forgive unless I realized
The wrongs I did
And the wrongs I said
The crimes I hid
And the crimes I fed

Please don't forgive me
Because I seem to feel guilty
Please don't forgive me
Because my eyes went all "melty"
Please don't forgive me

And as she watched the sunrise on her future, her heart fluttered with anticipation for the next great race.

Mica Kluge Jul 2016

My heart cannot settle.
I don't belong here.
I'm "too young to leave,"
But I'm too old to stay.
I don't belong here.

Come back, coffee eyes

I need to tell you the story about the blue bowed baby
I boiled up in blood
and never got a chance to see smile
because I wouldn't let her into the world long enough to flash in my memory
I couldn't handle giving her an identity

Come back, coffee eyes
and hear why I hate sex
why I walk around undressed
so no one really wants me

pretty boys with gentle tongues trick you with their nervous sweats
they say they'll hold your hand
but they're gone before you're done lifting up your hair
wondering how life got this way

I almost made this up, but I didn't
Jude M Salazar Apr 2016

Oh child, goodbye
For they wish for you leave
Oh woman, stand strong

Friends from our past,
Now we barely meet.
All those memories,
Crushed under our feet.

Treading on to life,
With a cautious stroll.
The higher we'll go,
The harder we may fall.

Memories our younger hearts,
To us have passed down.
The rivers from our past,
In which we have drowned.

What the worst of our days,
Have taught us of life.
Down by swamps,
Waiting for sunshine.

Everything we're leaving behind
Is a lesson.
Teaching us to unlearn,
Some things we'd learnt.

Thinking of the future,
Goosebumps on my skin.
How we may have to change,
Whatever we have been.

Change is hard but we,
Must move on.
Towards bigger things,
And to a greater dawn.

Eyes are filled with hope,
And the dreams are laid out.
Now is the time,
To stop messing about.

Looking up at the sky,
Taking a deep breath.
Escaping with life,
From the clutches of death.

The thrill that it is,
To take a leap of faith.
Jumping from a height,
Not afraid to be late.

Asking for your love,
To walk out the door.
Takes all that you have,
And a little bit more.

But all of the times,
We're too scared to let go.
We give our inner devils,
The chances to grow.

So when the days,
Are the hardest we've seen.
We will have to be,
The toughest we've been.

Then close your eyes tight,
And get high on your dreams,
Shout out so loud that,
Only you can hear you scream.

And when those days are gone,
When you're through all the pain.
Smile at those clouds,
And dance in the rain.

Think of how we started,
And how far we have come.
And of all those miles,
That we are yet to run.


First submission. Hope you liked it!
Alisha Isabell Jan 2016

I have cried these eyes empty,
Time and time again, I know
The hurt.
Cold caves on my face, Stone
Wells are my expression.
Wells never deep enough to trap the small girl,
But always hollow enough to have her screams remain
And echo

Throw your coins in and make a wish
Before the water washes out.

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