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Z Trista Davis Mar 2017
My childhood was sunshine,
summer days,
It was yellow dandelion, carpet lawn
and endless blue and green
as far as I could see
standing on my tiptoes
on a swing in the backyard
jumping down onto smooth soft summer grass
in the flat calm ivy-colored sea

It was stars on the night sky
like stars on my ceiling,
hair floating up around me with my dreams,
pulling me out the open window
into air,
into indigo,
into midnight blue, nail-polish painted sky
on the sweet-smelling cedar easel,
in the dark room,
where I come sometimes
to touch the beginning with butterfly-soft fingers

My childhood was hide and seek,
shut up in closets,
yelling tag you’re it,
as it touched board game movers
and pushed them
around boards colored like rainbows
that I rode around the world
and into the universe

Now my childhood is two yellow foam blocks
asking me,
but I don’t know why it’s gone
or where it’s gone to,
all I know is that I’m not ready,
but here I come
Mak Waddle Jan 2017
Don't forgive me because I cried
Don't forgive me "even though" I lied
Don't forgive me because I'm a kid
Don't forgive because you could've done what I did
Allow me to face my consequences
Let me adapt to my circumstances
Don't allow me my relapses
Let me feel guilt in my synapses
Please don't forgive me because I apologized
Please don't forgive unless I realized
The wrongs I did
And the wrongs I said
The crimes I hid
And the crimes I fed

Please don't forgive me
Because I seem to feel guilty
Please don't forgive me
Because my eyes went all "melty"
Please don't forgive me
And as she watched the sunrise on her future, her heart fluttered with anticipation for the next great race.
Mica Kluge Jul 2016
My heart cannot settle.
I don't belong here.
I'm "too young to leave,"
But I'm too old to stay.
I don't belong here.
Come back, coffee eyes

I need to tell you the story about the blue bowed baby
I boiled up in blood
and never got a chance to see smile
because I wouldn't let her into the world long enough to flash in my memory
I couldn't handle giving her an identity

Come back, coffee eyes
and hear why I hate ***
why I walk around undressed
so no one really wants me

pretty boys with gentle tongues trick you with their nervous sweats
they say they'll hold your hand
but they're gone before you're done lifting up your hair
wondering how life got this way
I almost made this up, but I didn't
Jude M Salazar Apr 2016
Oh child, goodbye
For they wish for you leave
Oh woman, stand strong
Alisha Isabell Jan 2016
I have cried these eyes empty,
Time and time again, I know
The hurt.
Cold caves on my face, Stone
Wells are my expression.
Wells never deep enough to trap the small girl,
But always hollow enough to have her screams remain
And echo

Throw your coins in and make a wish
Before the water washes out.
Sarah Michelle Oct 2015
I give in... I give in...
I wear my sweaters thin
because nothing ever feels
I know kids who get raw experience
yet call me the wiser
for not getting any.

No one who sits at their dinner table,
pretending to have something to write,
deserves to be tired
and so I don't catnap
under the constipated clouds
waiting for the rain.

I grow old--I grow old
I don't like my trousers rolled
as I walk down the street
watching young people
who don't give themselves a break
from hyper-living
Just keep kicking.

Not to generalize,
but it must be said
that a barbarous youth doesn't give in
until their metal beams split
and their windows come down
and their doors can't open
because of the debris
and their admirees
stand before the pile still not knowing
who they are.

(It won't make them shiver
to think you've opened up
listening to their music
unless they open
their ears for you.)

After dusting themselves off
will all the newborn adults shake hands
look back on the skyscrapers that surrounded them
and be friends?

I give in
I relax over my comfortable,
blank lines
with nothing to write
because I'm the only one
with nothing to fight.
IcySky Aug 2015
You can grow up, and get wiser, and stay true to yourself, there's a difference between changing everything about you, and adding things to the same you, to make a better you... You can still be a child at heart, but be  mature at the same time... There's a time and place for everything... Growing older, just helps you realize what those times are.

Davon Brown:*
Growing isnt something distinguished by age, but by state of mind. It doesnt mean you have to change it just means you'll become more reasonable in your future decisions. Your sense of "common sense" wont be focused on having fun and doing reckless things such as the ideas of a teenage kid.
Collaboration with Icy Sky and Davon Brown
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