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haley Apr 18
Your lovers still linger on your breath
Biting at your tongue.
Before you speak your words
Spill at your lips and Drip down your chin.
Your Sentences quarrel with saliva
Tangled like loose threads at your feet
And you leave them
To slither down the indentations in the floor,
Cracks in the wood symmetrical to the lines you drew on their bodies
With your careful fingertips.
Their hearts gathering like dead skin under your nails.
#love #breakups #heartbreak
haley Feb 7
A different room sleeps
under the edge of the water
It’s windows glistening, the sunlight like a hot breath
fogging the glass
beneath the jumping meniscus.
for even still water is
never quite still.
The Newton's cradle
The rocking of an unknown world.
#nature #beauty #art of seeing
haley Jan 31
My lover's eyes glow as the morning sun-
That peaks its head above the evergreens
And yet shine on as daylight comes undone
And still, persist within my nightly dreams.

My lover's hands are delicate as snow-
That twirls onto the fields with ne’er a sound
And every bit as graceful are her toes
That bear her lovely shape across the ground

My lover's lips are red as hungry fire
That dance across my skin with every kiss
And warm my chest with unrestrained desire
That leaves me in a breathless state of bliss

But when she speaks, her lips no longer pursed
All that her beauty’s done is soon reversed.
haley Jan 30
I love the thought
Of us
Like a dream bird flying at night
I imagine us together
We play
like little monkeys
in trees
haley Jan 30
Some uncertain moments
I cannot falsely contain
With only a basket
woven from metaphors.

Some unwearied feelings
before I can catch them
Like a child clapping her palms
Reaching to intercept the path of a bumblebee
Flitting towards plump roses

These words sting my fingers, too
As I write them
the petals of paper droop,
Too laden with honey.

These blossoming dreams tickle my lips
But, I cannot speak them
They hold my hand, rub their fingers on my thumb
But, I cannot write them
They flower in the soils of my thoughts
And I reach out to pluck their petals, one by one
Only to find they have
Wilted too fast
for my idle touch.
haley Jan 23
By way of a kiss
That empty can be full
You lead this dance
And I will follow
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