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Jammit Janet Jul 2020
I’m a hopeless romantic,
Destined for pain,
My mind wanders,
And soul searches every plane,

For a love so true,
So pure,
And whole,

That engulfs my body,
And soul.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
My tongue trips when you’re near,
My chest tightens when you sigh,
You hold my heart in your hands,
As we tip toe this fine line,

Of passion and friendship,
Venturing through life,
Close and afar,
Separate but one,

I long to tangle my fingers in your hair,
As we coexist with time,
At our most relaxed point,
Sense of self left outside,

To caress your face,
With a kiss,
Full of care,

To entwine our fingers,
Through our arts,
Lift up,

Spread our wings,
Through the pain and the hurt,

Feel confident,
One is blessed,
And not cursed,

For you are so,
Full of love,
Full of worth.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Desperate for affection,
Wanting your connection,
Oh how strong I feel for thee,

Feeling gooey,
My insides defrost from the cold,
Wicked world,
That hurt it so,

Serotonin release,
A pulse,
A care,
Drowning in warmth,
Gasping for air,

Waves of emotion,
Pull me under,
A sea of love,
Life, commotion,

An entity of its own,
Above me,
I surrender to it's power,
Give into the unknown,
Watch the future flower.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Feeling the rhyme build up in my chest,
Ready to erupt and take the next step,
To blow you all away with my phaser-like cannons of joy,
That will infect your very being and shake you to the core,

Where logic and emotion crossover in time,
To wrap you in a positive state of mind,
Caress your cheek and mend your heart,
Tender loving care,
A secret art.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Sappy and happy,
My insides glow with emotion,

No flames on hold,
Roaring, soaring,
With the Texas heat,

Temperatures rise,
Hearts accelerate,
Start to pound,

Palms sweat,
Pants wet,
Mouth dry,

Animal instinct,
As we collide,

In another dimension,
Of passion,
And prose,

That satiate our senses,
Down to our toes.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
I’m thinking in paintings & graphic novels,
Ink flowing through my veins,
Brimming to the top with genres,

Spitting words,
With devilish curves,

As I twirl,
My wrists through arcs,
And sagas,
Open the pages with,
Full of romance and science,

Weave you through webs of emotion,
That make you feel, see, and hear,
Reality erosion,
As you weep, grieve, and cheer,

Then lull you to sleep,
In my cradle of feeling,
Secure and heard,

Feel my magic,
Through my art,
Warm your insides,
With my heart.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
A sparkle,
A pump,
A few more sparkles in tow,

Spark the movement,
Of feeling, power, and hope,

The current powers up,
With courage and perseverance,

Her soul lights up,
Hot ****, she’s beaming,

She opens up to her demons,
Sits tight,
Starts breathing,

Embraces the universe,
Her world,

The pain and the hurt,
Good fortune, pure love, and your worth,

Pay attention to the universe,
It’s listening to you,

Melt into its warmth,
While it whispers,

You matter,
It’s true.
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