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Lily Jul 2018
While you watch the moon tonight,
I hope your own eyes keep their glow.
Cry, scream, curse,
But never stop dreaming.
Cause I believe
Somewhere down the bend,
There is a train in which
the stops never end.
It will come
And you’ll be home.

July 9, 2018
I’m quite back
Lily Nov 2017
Do not compare me to a flower
Flowers are only sought after
For as long as they are fresh and pretty
They are remembered for only as long as the smell lingers
Then when the drought comes
They are disposed of as easily as the wind
As if they matter not even once
As if to the hand that crushed them,
They had never offered fragrance
I shall not let myself be likened
To such creatures with tragic fates
So do not compare me to a flower.
Lily Nov 2017
Someday when I find myself a nameless grave
And people forget that I ever lived
I will be consoled by the singing of the wind and the rain's merciless tears
For soon after these lovely bones are ashes
And ashes were scattered and blown
Flowers shall once again decorate
This lonely earth that once had been my own.
Lily Nov 2017
No matter how much I try to paint my life
And decorate my own soul
At the end of the day
I always, always,
Feel grey and cold.
I'm back
Lily Feb 2017
Deleting things I really meant
Only to replace with words of pretend
Life has always been like this for me
I say one nice thing
Take it back with profanity
Like iron walls surrounding me like a prison
It remain's all year
No matter what the season
Wolf's skin draped over my shoulder
You'll never see through exactly what i'm hiding under

Oct. 25, 2016
Lily Feb 2017
When I die,
Do not talk about me
Like I am the most wonderful person
To have ever graced this Earth;

Instead, tell them I am mad.
How my ***** nails dug ugly scars
Within my dark, burning soul
Fed with rage uncontrolled.

Tell them I am selfish.
With an eye for love I have not
That my heart rejoices but in sorrow
Only coldness and loath would grow.

Tell them I am broken.
That these crevices that he left
In the regions of my heart
Will not ever heal completely again.

That I walked wide-eyed yet half-awake
Torn between the fantasy of his lips so sweet,
And the gleam of his pointed teeth.

Tell them all my sins.
My uglies.
My glories.
And only after that,
That then,

Maybe you can tell them I was beautiful.

Feb. 14, 2017
YES, I am back. But only for a while
Lily Oct 2016
I haven't cried in a while
Why did I see your face again
Your beautiful smile
And cheerful attitude
Despite what your going through
How can you do it Hannah?
You inspire me
You were so strong,resilient, beautiful
I never knew you more
You don't even know my name
Though I'm sure of one thing
God loves you more than all of the living
This is for Hannah. It's been more than a year since your passing. You may not know me but I am one of those people who silently prayed that you'd overcome the sickness but sadly, maybe God don't want you to. Cause he wants you to be with him, cause you're a beautiful human, way more beautiful than all of use here. You're too precious to ignore so God himself made a way, and now you're with him eternally. Rest in peace, Hannah ❤️
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