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Walking streets
Where I’m unknown
I stifle sobs
And dab my eyes.
I don’t belong.
I don’t fit in.
There’s nothing here
That smells of me,
That looks like me,
That calls to me.

I climb a hill
To watch the sun
Pour pink and gold
On lacy clouds.
I scan the valley
Full of houses.
Which one is mine-
It’s hard to tell.
they look the same
But I do not.

My footsteps do not
Fit the path
I need to walk
If I’m to find
A welcome here
I worship the wrong
Ideals and ideas
And I must hide
Behind a silent smile
Lest I be ushered out.

I cannot run
I’m here to stay
There is no other
Universe for me.
I’ll choose a
Another middle name-
Chameleon sounds right.
I’ll make them think
I’m one of them
And blend into a life.
Another old one (well, 6 mo. old, anyway).  From my "I don't want to be here" period.  I'm better (resigned) now.
 Mar 10 hj
Dear hurting girl,

     Feeling things does not make you weak. The thing that makes us women so strong is that we have the ability to express our emotions. That is the greatest power there is.
 Mar 10 hj
You don’t know this yet
But when I look at you
I see everything I’ve ever wanted in this life.
I see my every mornings coffees
And favorite hello’s.
Everything from everyday.
From now on.
Too bad you don’t know that yet.
 Mar 10 hj
Just wondering
 Mar 10 hj
Destiny crossed our paths.
But will it make you a part in my life?
 Mar 10 hj
 Mar 10 hj
I remember,
The colour of your eyes,
How your smile forms
Or even how your cheeks turn red.

I know,
The sound of your laugh,
The rythm of your breathing
And the music your heart plays.

I know and still remember,
Your dreams and hopes
Scariest nightmares
And craziest thoughts.

How can i not call you home?
Tear stained pages
Tear stained pillows
The legacy of my love for you.
13 words
 Mar 10 hj
Fake Love
 Mar 10 hj
I still remember the day you took my hand,
Kissed my forehead,
And told me you didn't love me.
November 13, 2018
 Mar 7 hj
 Mar 7 hj
I miss the thought of us,

but maybe there was nothing to think of from the beginning.
2 dates
 Mar 7 hj
Nolan Morris
Yellow flame
in the thin and
dark hours of morning --
Brave souls,
every one
of us
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