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Fuji Bear Apr 2017
What Am I thinking?
You ask,
As I trace the shape of you
Swirling from one contour to the next
Impossibly smooth
Hands on the move
Gripping you tightly
Tight enough to nearly strangle
Pulling you closer
Close enough to listen
Listening for those quiet little sounds
that gently escape your lips
From those lips
The heat of your breath
Breathing raggedly by my neck
My mind escapes into my body
Thoughts replaced by my senses
letting my sensations fill the moment
Not a thought,
Just a feeling.
Back again.
Fuji Bear Aug 2016
Foreign places
Familiar faces
I remember how it started,
But how did I get here?
Coming down
On the ground
I know what's right
Yet my decision remains unclear
I need not say,
I cannot stay,
Far much longer,
Stuck this way.
I'm wasting my youth
Running from this truth
I'm becoming numb
To what my life has become.
Or is it mine at all?
It used to be.
"There's always tomorrow"
I say in the present,
Until one day soon,
There isn't.
Stay off those drugs, kids.
Fuji Bear May 2016
I walk outside
Beholding the night
A chill fills the air
In the waning light
The sun goes to bed
In its evening blindfold
No moon to shine
It’s becoming cold
All alone
And now I can’t see
**** this ****
I’m going home.
With a twist ending.
Fuji Bear Apr 2016
Testing Testing,
One two three.
Are you listening?
Seems to be.
What's the message?
I am me.
That will not change,
So let it be.
Fuji Bear Apr 2016
Our time together,
Has long since passed.
But time should not muddy,
The Beauty with the Beast.
Our happiness was not tainted,
Nor was the sadness lightened.
Every moment was precious,
So let us not forget it.
Its been too long.
Fuji Bear Jan 2015
Just a tiny spark,
to ignite the fire
of my whole world.
10 word poem for the element challenge. It's been a while.
Fuji Bear Sep 2014
Whatever’s left;
Left between the cracks
Discarded like simple trash
Forgotten by all but some,
valued by none.
Outlived by its purpose,
all alone and restless.
A promised future
left Shattered,
by the weight of its own dreams
The Myth of itself
dissipated into history.
Nothing but the faded stain
of a quiet memory.
It's been a while
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