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Discolored Fire Apr 2015
make it easy on yourself
and pick apart each one of my bones
let me know what you have seen
while you ignite every part of me
screams drown in my lungs
i can feel it almost there
corrupted minds are too far gone
and way beyond repair
and if i lose my mind or choke on fear
my dear
please save yourself, my dear
please save yourself
i've lost my mind
i would give you all my breath
a breathless, twisted life i'd live for you
a never ending novocaine
will strip me of my pain
but i'd never tell
Discolored Fire Apr 2015
i have lost
my oldest home
in the
i can smell
gasoline and
now i know
what i've done
i can't
see you
i can't
know you
can you
show me
who i
**used to be
Discolored Fire Apr 2015
i gave you all the best of me
all i lacked was sanity
the pieces of my peace of mind
were always very hard to find
but your faith in me
is all i need
to complete the picture
that was burned
you held the match
i poured the gas
we wore no masks
because our lungs had already turned black
Discolored Fire Feb 2015
Dear friend,
I've been missing you to death
Years a prisoner and you're finally free
I hope its everything you hoped it would be
Your mind hung your soul on a string and dangled it in front of you
They painted your black eyes a shade of blue
Instead of one life you had two
You were never a stranger to me
Your eyes mirrored everything you wanted me to see
A mind full of wonder but so very far from wonderful
Your twisted mind made lies out of your eyes
Truth is something you gain through pain
You know that very well
Excuse me
I meant "knew"
Because you are gone
You left me half alive on the floor
But the door is still open
I could see you again
But I know you'd never let me in
Heaven forbid
  Feb 2015 Discolored Fire
Adam Kobosky
I hate that feeling.
           that feeling when you're sad,
But you have no idea why.
           You feel so **** void,
but nothing has happened.
           They ask you what is wrong,
but you can not explain.
           Or they did not ask anything,
I do not know what is worse.
           It just feels like I miss someone,
someone I never met.
           I need someone who does not need me.
Loneliness hovers over me,
           takes control of me.
I do not even care.
           I extricate itself from the goals.
Sadness for now is my best and only friend.
           I begin to hate myself and
I want everyone to leave me alone.
          At the same time,
I want someone to hug me and
          told me that everything will be okay.

**I just hate that feeling.
That feeling,
when you do not even know what the hell you feel.
It's a feeling that only the heart and soul can feel.
Not your brain, because your pain will tell you are
okay when really your heart is altered by the world.
Someone please hold me, I really need it.
  Feb 2015 Discolored Fire
Adam Kobosky
I worry (a lot)
when I think (of other girls)
about how they (shine)
sparkle and radiate beauty
and about how I could be (brighter)

(and) nothing hurts worse than thinking about
not being with (you) my love, my heart
because I know you (deserve the) best,
you are my (sun), moon and stars
Notice the parentheses.
Read the poem all the way through,
read the parentheses next,
then finally just the words outside
the parentheses.

This one was rather difficult to post.
  Feb 2015 Discolored Fire
Adam Kobosky
I remember when I was around six
soon to be seven
We met on a plain grassy field,
the first place where our lips,
never touched.
You swore this was not a game,
but why did you bring the dice this time?

Oh what did I bring?
Nothing but this blanket covered in dust.
Was I too lazy to brush the memories?
No, I just could not imagine
our childhood being in the air.
I reach for your hand,
like a baby reaches for their bottle.

Silly is not?
Please just listen.
The crickets are still and accept us.
No coyote is howling at our skin.
You swear a tree is falling,
but how sure are you about that?

Now we are nineteen and
moving on to our twenties.
You swear that we have changed,
but all I notice is our age becoming older.
More memories with
our wings damaged.

My wings?
Oh, you care to know now,
they are shattered as you left.
I have one healthy wing,
the other is bruised and crippled.

You can answer that one,
with your memories and imagination.
I believe this is my longest
poem on this site.
I hope you can relate to only
certain parts.
I will not say those parts,
because it is up for interpretation.
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